Chaar pet store drives home pet food delivery in Allentown


Chaar store in the township of Hanover, County Lehigh

Chaar is located at 1635 Airport Road in Hanover Township, County Lehigh. (Precious Petty | file photo)

Many pet owners have been there.

After a long day at work, you come home, open the cupboard to feed Fido and realize you have run out of food.

Soon, pet owners may be able to call Chaar for home delivery of all of their pet supply needs.

In May, the store is piloting a home delivery program in Allentown hoping to bring it to the entire Lehigh Valley soon, AJ ElChaar said.

“We just want to limit it geographically (initially), so that we can make sure we fully understand the challenges we’re going to be facing before we deploy it throughout the Lehigh Valley,” ElChaar explained.

With the pilot, Chaar employees will deliver orders on weekdays within one to two days. Shipments of $ 49 or more are free. Customers can choose to buy less and pay a delivery charge of $ 8.99.

“Our goal is to evolve towards seven days a week and same day delivery,” ElChaar said.

Chaar operates two stores in the area, one on Airport Road in Canton of Hanover, County Lehigh, and a new location on route 378 at Canton of Bas-Saucon. The store has a long history of delivering bulk horse feed to horse farms, but this is their first company in delivering pet food.

“It’s something we’ve been thinking about doing for a long time,” ElChaar said. “It’s something people want and really need because a lot of people have busy lives and schedules.”

While some online retailers offer free door-to-door delivery, they typically charge higher prices in return, he said.

“We don’t care about shipping nationwide,” ElChaar said. “We just want to do a really good job in our own neighborhood.”

To place an order, call Chaar or visit their website.

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