Dundas’ garage destroyed by fire

Northfield Fire Chief Gerry Franek reports that his department was dispatched to report a structure fire at 8:26 a.m. last night in the Hamilton Street and 2nd Street area in Dundas.

Franek told KDHL upon arrival that the detached garage was fully involved in the flames. It was a total loss. The house has been vacant for over a year.

There was no power at the garage two stalls, so the origin is being investigated.

The Northfield Fire Chief said the state fire marshal had been called in to help with no apparent cause being determined.

I asked him if the freezing temperatures were hampering their efforts. He did not indicate that this was a problem and called it a “low stress fire” explaining that there was no one to worry about.

They cleared the scene approximately 90 minutes after the call.

Franek mentioned that the Northfield firefighters were busy. There was a report around 2 a.m. today of smoke in a house and around the same time there was a call for carbon monoxide. Nothing to report there.

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