Grateful Pet Announces New Indianapolis-Based Pet Food Delivery Service

Indianapolis, IN, Aug 26, 2011 – ( – Grateful Pet, LLC has announced the launch of a new pet food delivery service for Indianapolis subway residents. The company offers natural and holistic pet food delivery services for cats and dogs. “We felt there was a niche for a new kind of service for people who want high quality products for their pets, but find it difficult to get to a point of sale,” Melissa said. Kelly, co-owner of Grateful Pets.

“Instead of lugging around a heavy bag of dog food or settling for substandard quality because you can’t get to the pet store, you can just call us or go online to get the food your pet has. merit, ”added Grateful Pet Co-Owner, Zach Pierson. “With our service, giving your pet good food becomes convenient and easy.”

Customers can order online, by phone or by email. Grateful Pet also offers recurring delivery programs that ensure their customers are never short of pet food again. “We monitor your pet’s consumption during the first few deliveries,” Kelly said. “Then once we get a feel for how much food your pet is eating on a regular basis, we are able to predict when you might need more food. Grateful Pet then sends a quick reminder call or email, and the food is delivered right to their customer’s door. To launch the new service, Grateful Pet will be offering a number of limited-time promotions, details of which will be available on its website,

Grateful Pet offers pet supplies from brands such as Holistic Select, Eagle Pack, Wellness, Earthborn Holistic, Precise, Halo, Bil-Jac, Dogswell, Sojos, Merrick, Natures Variety, Natural Planet Organics, Pure Vita, and many more other holistic and natural products for dogs.

About the grateful pet
Grateful Pet, LLC is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN and opened in July 2011. Owned by Indianapolis natives Zach Pierson and Melissa Kelly, Grateful Pet is the city’s only pet food delivery service. To find out more, visit or call 317.544.9778. Follow Grateful Pet on Twitter @GratefulPetIndy or on Facebook at Grateful Pet Delivery Service.


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