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Monster Legends Hack and Cheats - Online Generator 2018

Use our awesome tool to generate unlimited amount of Gems Food and Gold!

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Something more information about Monster Legends Cheats Generator 2018

If you get here, you're probably looking for what tool to generate free resources for your account. If so, you've come to the right place.

Using our generator in a completely free way you can generate up to 1 000 000 Gems, Gold and Food. This amount of resources allows you to increase the levels of all your buildings and to get the best monsters. Social Point recently added upgrades in the form of Runes to the video game. For now, there is no way to get these items in our monster legends cheats generator. We plan to add this option within 1 month, so welcome back for a month!

Learn more how to hack monster legends

  1. Click the button "Go to generator"
  2. On our tool enter your monster legends username/email
  3. Choose amount of Gems/Food/Gold which you want
  4. Go to next step
  5. Wait a few moments for processing..
  6. Check that your account is ready to add resources
  7. Complete all steps
  8. Enjoy your free resources! :)

About Monster Legends Hack Features

Monster Legends is a multiplayer strategy game for gamers of all ages. In the game, we can hatch various types of monsters such as Fire, Water, Earth, Light, Magic, Metal, Thunder, Dark and last the best type Legendary. For each monster, we must use a special habitat in which only they can stay. In order for our monsters to be better, we have to feed them. For this, we need food that we produce on farms. With each subsequent level, monsters need 10% more food.

In the game, we can have free monsters but also for payable. We can buy them for Gems which we can get in the store. Playing this game many players quickly get bored of the game because they can not fully use the possibilities of this game.

Monsters bought for Gems have many different graphics effects and abilities that have a greater advantage over ordinary monsters. You do not have to feel worse because you do not have money to get better monsters! Our generator comes in to help us generate from 100 thousand to 1 million Gold, Gems, and Food. Our generator uses a vulnerability in the social point system - monster legends hack. Through this error, we can in a free way provide you with additional resources for the game so that you can make your entertainment even more pleasant. We try every week to provide you with a better version of our generator. If you don't know this video game yet, you can find hack monster legends download on app play store here: link to google play

Monsters - How it looks in game

In Monster Legends, Social Points presents us with 8 element monsters! We can cross them, thus acquiring monsters from another element. There is a list of different combinations available in the network, thanks to which we can get the best possible monsters! For example, after crossing Natura Monster - Pandalf and Water Monster - Raane we will get Earth Monster such as Octorush. Monster Legends monsters are divided into 'rarity'. Below are all types of monsters.

All types of Rarity Monsters:
  • - Common (C)
  • - Uncommon (UC)
  • - Rare (R)
  • - Epic (E)
  • - Legendary (L)
Legendary is the best group of monsters available.

All types of Element Monsters:
Nature - Earth - Water - Thunder - Fire - Dark - Magic - Light - Metal - Legend - Legend
Legend is the best element.
monsters battle - monster legends

Habitats - Which are the best?

For each type of monster, there are two types of habitats. For example, a monster named Ironman is a monster from Thunder and Earth. This means that it can be placed in Earth and Thunder Habitats. In the beginning, you can keep 2 monsters in every habitat. Every 2 levels you can add 1 monster more. In the field you can feed your monsters to increase their level. With the increase in the level, the number of lives, handiness and injuries increases. The best effects are with Legendary monsters. In addition, you have the option of adding different types of runes that increase the power of your monster!


In Monster Legends, we can find several virtual currencies such as: Gems, Gold or Food. The most important currency are Gems.

What do we need this currency for and what can we do?

By using Gems, we can make things much simpler. Now lists some of the largest options:
  • we can buy any monster if we have enough Gems
  • shorten the waiting time to complete the building or task
  • convert to other currencies
  • increase the level of buildings and the number of employees
  • buy additional options in various interesting events
and a lot more...
monster legends unlimited gems gold food

Many people think that Monster Legends is a boring game and they're right. The biggest reason for this is that the most fun players have when they play the best monsters. Unfortunately, they are paid and many people do not have money or just do not want to spend on games. We understand the players, that's why we created such a tool and we provide it to you.

Monster Legends creates really interesting characters, especially those after the update in August. The creators have added very interesting skills to them, such as poisoning an opponent, meteorite or treating allies. All this gives an interesting charm to the game. About one month ago, the Social Team introduced changes to the runes for our pets. In my opinion, they have made a very good step towards improving the game. Of course, there is a disadvantage that prevents players from spending a good time in the game. I'm talking about paid runes for which players have to pay huge amounts of money. I play hacks for Monster Legends for about 2 years and so far, I have never used Social Point. Exceptional sa temples.

Cheats for monster legends introduced an interesting pvp mode where players can be measured on different platforms and levels. The first waves are played by players from levels 1-10 and then 10-50. In the first wave there are players who start the game and still can not handle all elements of the game. Luckily, the creators have thought to introduce a few more divisions into groups in the second wave. We can observe 5 groups: Fire, Natural, Light and Earth. In each group, players can use only one type of monsters, which allows you to level up the game. I am happy with monster legends cheats have created such a solution to the problem.

All the time I write about various game functions, unfortunately I forgot to write about Gems, Foods and Golds. This is an important topic and it is worth moving about. Gemsy, as the name says, is the unique and most important currency in monster legends hack tool. Increases our chances before other players who can not afford to buy. You can buy many interesting Legendary Monsters for Gemsy. Their price ranges between 500 and 2000 Gems. From time to time, creators give discounts, up to 80%. It is worth waiting for these promotions because we can then buy 10 times more monsters. And when we have this amount, we can easily multiply them in Breeding Place. This is a very interesting option because with 10 monsters we can hatch up to 200 monsters.

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Generator is available now! Just go to generator and enjoy.

We have good news for you! Yesterday we finished creating the first version of the generator. If you want to try or Monster Legends Hack generator, click on the button below. Go to generator Until we refine our tool, every user who from today to the first alpha version will use the generator will receive one more additional option of using the tool. During the development, various errors may occur that may interfere with the

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We are starting with new project!

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