10 Smartest Disney Princess Animal Companions, Ranked


Disney princesses are often as famous as the movies they are in. Wrecks of Ralph 2, Disney has clarified exactly which characters are part of their princess line-up. Many of these Disney Princesses come with animal sidekicks. Although sidekicks are primarily there to sell goods, they can play a vital role in the story.

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They are often used to comfort or even help princesses. In order to help the princesses, these sidekicks often need to have good animal instincts or human intelligence. The Acolytes have accomplished a great deal, to the point that many of their actions have guided the story and helped the princesses find their happily ever after.

ten Rajah hunts unwanted suitors from Jasmine (Aladdin)

Rajah is Jasmine’s pet tiger in Aladdin. He is often alongside Jasmine in the palace. For years he was her beloved pet. This made him quite sensitive to her feelings. Rajah can tell when someone is bothering her – which was the case with many of her suitors. In these cases, he did not hesitate to chase them away.

He growled at them, or even went so far as to rip the seat of their pants. Since he is able to drive off most threats with his natural strength, Rajah didn’t need to come up with any complex plans or schemes. However, he proved to be extremely loyal and a good judge of character.

9 Philippe can sense obvious danger (Beauty and the Beast)

Philippe is the family horse of Belle and Maurice in The beauty and the Beast. He has enough common sense to recognize danger when he sees it. When Maurice took the horse into the woods, Philippe immediately knew which way to go. At the very least, he knew not to take the dark and ominous path. Maurice forced him down the dangerous route, putting the horse on high alert.

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When the couple encountered wolves, Philippe’s fear overwhelmed him and he fled. He had a good enough memory to help Belle get to the Beast’s castle. If Maurice had listened to his horse instead of forcing him to take some supposed shortcut, they would never have been in danger.

8 Meeko is sneaky and cunning (Pocahontas)

In Pocahontas, Meeko’s obsession with food has made this raccoon a shrewd creature. Meeko steals Governor Radcliffe’s dog, Percy, when he dove into his bath and ate all of his cherries. He escapes punishment by swinging on a tree branch during his escape.

He quickly develops a liking to John Smith’s cookies, taking the opportunity to steal as many as he can when Flit aggressively flies around the Settler’s head. Whenever John is distracted, Meeko climbs into her bag to stuff her face and steals her compass. Meeko would later give her compass to Pocahontas after telling Grandma Willow that she felt lost.

seven Snow White Forest Animals Recognize The Evil Queen (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

After being spared by the hunter, Snow White flees terrified into Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. She felt she had no one and the world seemed terrifying to her after learning of her stepmother’s desire to kill her. She eventually encountered the Woodland Creatures, who quickly befriended her. They drove her to the cottage of the 7 dwarfs, and helped her clean the place with a little cheerful tune. Under his guidance, they became adept at household chores.

When the Evil Queen arrived in disguise, the animals in the forest recognized her as a threat and attempted to attack her. Snow White, not knowing the true identity of the old woman, chased the animals away. They then went to find the dwarves in order to save her, as they could not verbally reason with Snow White.

6 Louis can play the trumpet (The Princess and the Frog)

The princess and the Frog Louis is an alligator that Tiana and Naveen met in the bayou. He loves to play the trumpet and has a strong passion for music, so he could recognize the jazz piece that Naveen was playing. He dreams of performing in front of humans and struggles to find a way to gain acceptance throughout the film.

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He pretended to be in costume to perform during Mardi Gras, convincing everyone around him that he was human before the act so he could help his friends. Louis also had a basic understanding of how to perform CPR, using this knowledge to save Ray.

5 Mushu helped Mulan survive in the army (Mulan)

Mushu is an ancient guardian spirit of the Fa family in Mulane. He lost his position after failing to protect a member from death. After failing to awaken the Great Stone Dragon, he decided to accompany Mulan instead. Her goal was to restore her reputation by making Mulan a war hero.

Wanting Mulan to join the fight, he tricked Chi-Fu and Li Shang with a fake letter ordering their troops to the front line. Mushu would later take control of the fireworks tower, firing a rocket at Shan Yu after Mulan pinned him to the roof. Mushu made mistakes, but his actions ultimately helped Mulan defeat the Hun army.

4 Maximus is the ablest knight in the realm (Tangled)

Although Maximus is the horse of the Captain of the Guards, Maximus has proven himself to be the most capable member of the group in Tangled. He can follow people like a sleuth and uses his sense of smell to not only find the hidden passage in the Snuggly Duckling, but also the lever that operates it. He is able to engage Flynn while wielding a sword, showing staggering mastery in combat.

Maximus shows he can understand human language, as he grants Flynn one more day of freedom after learning that it was Rapunzel’s birthday. This allows Maximus to shake off his dislike of Flynn, being the first to recognize Flynn’s feelings for Rapunzel and even going so far as to break him out of jail. After becoming an officer, he quickly eliminated all crime in the kingdom.

3 Sebastian is a royal counselor and court composer (The Little Mermaid)

Sebastian is King Triton’s royal advisor. Through The little Mermaid, Triton turns to Sebastian for advice on how to raise Ariel. After being assigned to watch over Ariel, Sebastian does his best to guide her.

He narrowly avoids Chef Louis’ attempts to cook him and even comes close to helping Ariel kiss Prince Eric by setting the mood with music. His talents as a singer, composer and conductor are his strengths, since he was even able to guide the inhabitants of the lagoon to make a romantic song.

2 Queen Elinor has been the smartest bear for a short while (brave)

Although Merida’s mother technically starts out as a human and returns at the end of the film, she spends quite a bit of time Brave like a bear. She is a highly respected queen who remembers by heart the traditions and customs of her kingdom.

She tries to make her daughter Merida an elegant and wise ruler, but they struggle to come to an agreement. As a bear, she shows that she can communicate through expressions and gestures, allowing Merida to deliver a speech in front of all four clans.

1 Cinderella’s mice fixed Cinderella’s dress and stole the stepmother’s key (Cinderella)

Mice are among Cinderella’s only friends when she lived with her stepmother and stepsisters. They are intelligent creatures capable of communicating with Cinderella. They have to avoid Lucifer every day by sneaking around and using the various tunnels they have created throughout the house.

Their tunnels allowed them to gather materials to help Cinderella repair her mother’s old dress. The mending of the dress showed their various skills in measuring, counting, sewing, cutting and working together. The mice were also responsible for giving Cinderella the key to her room after her stepmother locked her inside.

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