2 best stocks I would buy in a Stocks and Shares ISA


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My stocks and shares ISA has taken a hit in recent months. Recent stock market volatility means my stock portfolio is firmly in the red.

There are a variety of macroeconomic issues that could continue to drive the value of my ISA investment much lower as well. These include soaring inflation, aggressive central bank rate hikes and a global resurgence in Covid-19 cases.

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I always buy stocks!

But the threat of another bear market — maybe even a stock market crash — isn’t stopping me from building my Stocks and Shares ISA.

It’s because I buy UK stocks with a long-term view. I look for stocks that I believe will provide dramatic capital gain over, say, a decade or more.

There are clear dangers for many stocks I own over the next 12 months, maybe a bit longer. Although I intend to hang onto it in hopes of making a huge capital gain.

2 UK stocks for one ISA

Here are two stocks I would use to buy today with my own ISA allocation. I think they will deliver spectacular returns to investors.

1. Agronomy

Agronomy (LSE: ANIC) is a stock that I expect to skyrocket in value as the theme of ethical, or responsible, investing takes off.

This venture capital firm invests in companies that produce agricultural products directly from cell cultures. He has also extended his network as he has stakes in makers of lab-grown beef, chicken and pork, even leather and pet food.

Demand for these types of products is expected to skyrocket as consumer concerns about animal welfare and emission levels from traditional farming methods increase.

Boston Consulting Group analysts estimate that “alternative protein” products like this could account for 22% of global protein consumption by 2035.

The companies Argonomics invests in, like Mosa Meat, are tiny. So they don’t have the huge budgets that food giants likeTyson Foods – a recent entrant into the lab-grown meat business – needs to tap into this growing trend.

But Agronomics is taking steps to make a big impact on the market. The range and quality of cutting-edge companies in which it has invested still give it exceptional investment potential.

2. WH Smith

I believe WH Smith (LSE: SMWS) could also be a great buy for ISA investors during this period.

I like this part of the UK because of its ongoing international airport expansion program. The company currently has 125 stores waiting to open and bidding activity to add to its estate is underway.

This means the company could deliver exceptional earnings growth as the global commercial aviation industry expands. Airbus believes global passenger traffic will grow at an annualized rate of 3.6% over the past 20 years. The number of people passing through the doors of WH Smiths could therefore be inflated.

Trading in this UK stock was at the upper end of expectations in the 15 weeks to June 11. I would buy the stock, even if the impact of soaring inflation on the purchasing power of travelers is a short-term concern.

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