25 options for online pet food delivery in Toronto


Toronto pet food delivery options are ideal for those who not only feed while socially distancing themselves, but also furry friends. After all, our pets are keeping us company while we’re at home right now, so we need to show our appreciation by treating them properly.

Here are some options for online pet food delivery in Toronto.

Tom and Sawyer

Shop for freshly prepared, scientifically developed, nutritious meals for your cat or dog online at this Toronto store and have it delivered right to your doorstep.


Get a wide variety of dog, cat, fish, bird, and reptile pet foods shipped through this great retailer.


Shipping is free on orders of fresh, dried, canned and frozen pet food over $ 39 in Toronto.


Get top quality pet food delivered through this next day service, free if your order is over $ 40.


This service which was previously primarily devoted to dog walking has moved its operations to private personal purchases for $ 59 per hour plus a 4.5% service charge. Not only do they really know about pet food, but they can buy you just about anything else too.

Pet only

Get free shipping on orders over $ 79 when you shop online at this store with top brands.


Choose a balanced mix of raw foods and serving size and have your order delivered online for free in Ontario using this service.

Lucky Dog Cooking

Really pamper your pooch by having him deliver fresh, all-natural, hand-prepared foods.

Canadian Pet Connection

Buy food for almost all types of animals online on this site, be it a reptile, sugar glider, ferret, reptile, bird or even a mini pig.


Free shipping is available for orders in Toronto over $ 49 with this app which allows you to shop for selected dog and cat products online.

Pet Food Online

This website ships dog and cat food across Canada and also partners with charities.


Get pet food delivery from local stores like The Dog Bowl, Barkside Bistro, and Timmie Doggie Outfitters using this popular app.


Human grade animal feeds formulated by nutritionists can be ordered online and delivered using this service.

Mr. Case

This Toronto-based grocery delivery service allows you to shop online for almost any supermarket supply, including pet food and bedding.

Penguin fresh

Buy a variety of high quality pet foods and accessories online for home delivery through this service.

Fluffy carnivore

Design a meal plan based on ethically sourced human grade ingredients for your pet using this service.

Back home

Free shipping is available across Canada from this online store that offers premium grain-free products.

My veterinary store

Get pet food and other items such as supplements and toys delivered through this online store connected to local veterinary clinics and hospitals.

Just believed

Frozen products are personally delivered within days by this high quality pet food company.

Big paws

Order online 24 hours in advance for scheduled weekend delivery from this store with a charge of $ 6- $ 20.

TLC Pet Food

Order large quantities of dog, cat or puppy food from this online store that offers free delivery.

Local croquettes

Use an online form to request delivery of at least $ 50 of food, candy, toy and accessory orders to Toronto.


This Coxwell Avenue store offers free shipping on minimum orders of $ 50 in East York, the Beaches, the Danforth, Riverside and Leslieville.

Ren’s animals

Shop online from a huge collection of top brands and all kinds of pet accessories and have this retailer delivered to you.


Get a wide variety of cat, dog, bird, reptile and even horse food delivered to your door when you shop online at this store.

Timmie Doggie Outfitters

This Leslieville store stocks all kinds of dog and cat supplies and offers free local delivery on orders over $ 25.

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