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Dog gift basket for a favorite canine/fur baby

Let’s start with something delicious for your dog! Here is a dog gift basket with eight great prices for your four-legged friend. The basket contains a multicolored rope toy, two balls, an easy chew treat bone and a food toy that SQUEAKS! There are also various other items that will make your pooch’s Christmas really fun!

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Feeko Dog Christmas Stocking Set with Dog Toys

Do you want to give your dog something really cute and funky this Christmas? Here is a mega pack of 9 gift items for your dog: dog stockings, dog pull rope, fox sugar and plush dog donut, because not only kids but also dogs love donuts! This fantastic gift set will make your dog’s Christmas even merrier this year!

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Large Breed Christmas Plush Dog Squeaker Toys

This Christmas, get this gift set of three for your furry friend. The package includes three plush toys in the form of Santa Claus, the snowman and the Christmas elk! It’s the perfect gift for any medium sized dog that isn’t a big chewer. With its built-in sound mechanism, the toys will keep your dog entertained!

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Christmas Santa’s Letter Bow Wow Dog Toy

Are only children allowed to have their wishes granted by Santa at Christmas? Here’s a dog gift letter to make your lovely friend’s Christmas more fun this year and make their wishes come true! The letter is made of quality materials and perfect for any small to medium sized dog.

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Tractive Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker

Here is a perfect gift for a dog parent in your family. A waterproof GPS tracker for dogs so that they can have the real-time location of their dog at all times! With this tracker, they can easily mark the virtual fence and keep the dog safe without worrying about monitoring all the time!

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