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The pricing hammer is now hitting even mid-sized companies. The house is getting expensive…

Inflation is costing all of us money and making a lot of people sick to their stomachs. And not just for welfare recipients, AVS pensioners or low-wage workers. Rising prices are increasingly eating away at the middle class and causing a hole in the budget.

Blick shows how well they can use an example family from Budget Consulting. The net household income of this family with two children is CHF 7,500. The family has to live with this money for a month, ideally they should be able to put something aside for holidays, savings and contingencies.

People are already saving: “I increased the temperature of the fridge”,02:16,

high fixed cost

Inflation in Switzerland is 3.5%. Not much compared to our European neighbours, but exceptionally high by our standards. “Most people can still cope with a general price increase,” says Philip Frey (38), managing director of Budgetberatung Schweiz. “It becomes difficult with high fixed items like housing, health insurance or electricity bills.”

In addition, health insurance premiums are also not taken into account in the calculation of inflation. Or daily purchases actually suggest a cost above the rate of inflation. “I spend 30 to 40 francs more on shopping than before the crisis. That worries me,” says Gerald von Allmen (50) from Strengelbach AG in a survey by Blick TV.

Shopping baskets containing everyday items rose 5.9%, according to calculations by consultancy Wellershoff & Partners. Therefore, the cost of the gathering family increases by 56 francs.

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housing is getting more and more expensive

Most of the money goes to the housing budget. With rising mortgage interest rates, many rents will also rise by spring at the latest. Additional costs are already paid. These can be up to a third higher. Housing for the Muster family becomes more expensive by 7.7%, or 147 francs – per month.

If we add electricity costs, they increase by an average of 27%. In the case of the Muster family, it’s 27 francs more per month. “I’m particularly worried about people who just have to get off. I’m saving electricity, I’ve already raised the temperature in the fridge and I wash more consciously,” Ursula Abaglen from Zofingen AG tells Blick TV.

However: “Only a few can save so much electricity to compensate for the increase,” budget adviser Frey again lowered expectations for energy savings. If you have to heat with oil or gas, it can be even worse. These two energy sources became respectively 86% and 58% more expensive compared to the previous year.

Meyerhans Prize Supervisor: “Proposals have been coming to the health sector for years”,05:17,

clothes cost more

Health insurance premiums are the second largest budget item after housing. According to a study by the health insurance association Santésuisse, these can go up to ten percent – and thus burden the monthly budget with an additional 90 francs.

The family spends CHF 420 for a sample of clothes and shoes. Thick sweaters or warm shoes for cold winters cost much more and increased by 3.7% compared to the previous year. That’s 15 francs more for the household budget.

It doesn’t seem like a lot, but with all the other increases in expenses, it comes to 335 francs a month, which makes life more expensive. And the end of the price spiral is not in sight. “If things continue like this, I’m really starting to worry about the future. All price increases will then become a problem for all of us,” fears Andreas Rosenmoser (35) from Zofingen AG.

Is that still enough for a skiing holiday?

Until now, the Muster family had 1,000 francs to pay for childcare, lunch at work, food for pets or even a new mobile phone. Besides, it should also be used to fund vacations and savings. Or the running costs of the car. Since petrol has become more expensive by more than 26%, a few extra francs have to be added here too. “Many will have to start more precise calculations now,” is convinced budget consultant Frey.

Estimated during the year, the life of the Muster family increased by 4,020 francs. The question soon arises whether, for example, a week’s skiing holiday is still possible.

Blick’s economic expert shows: “Now we feel the crown and the war in our pockets”,03:31,

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