5 money-saving tips for staging your home


Finally, check your outward appeal. You’ll only get one chance to make a first impression, and if there are weeds or toys (or anything else that isn’t organic) people visiting your home will have second thoughts. even walk through your front door. And don’t forget that most potential buyers will look at your home online before they bother to arrange a viewing. The last thing you want to do is turn them down before they’ve even seen what you’re selling.

According to Universal Class, there are several ways to maximize your home’s visual appeal from the street. Much of it can be done by hand with a lawnmower and a few hours pulling weeds or planting flowers. But you’ll also want to direct your attention to hard surfaces. Power washing can help brighten up places where you park, and even hose down the lawn and hose down your driveway before a visit can tell potential buyers that you know business is on and you’re ready for it. .

Beyond that, there’s no one who doesn’t love a well-kept lawn. If you have a garden with flowers or vegetables (or both), be sure to accentuate it by cutting off the top and pruning where necessary. Even something as simple as edging your lawn has value.

Once your work is done, hide any traces of pipes or sprinklers. Preserve the illusion you have created through your staging.

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