5 Pet Foods Made in Wisconsin

As a dog owner, I’ve had my share of pet food trials. Good food is so important, whether it’s for your cat, dog, or any other type of pet. When I think of priorities, my puppy is at the top of the list. In addition to finding the perfect food, I am careful about where I buy various products. If you’re like me and want to buy locally, why not explore Wisconsin-made pet foods?

Pet Foods and Treats to Try

Although I personally haven’t tried these products, my 2 year old German Shepherd loves being the taste tester. For someone with a sensitive stomach and skin, I’m careful about the ingredients I give them. I take pride in knowing that its kibbles and treats are made from ingredients grown or raised in Wisconsin. I’m sure other pet owners would agree.

Before trying any treats, chews, or foods, talk to your veterinarian. Your pet may have dietary restrictions that play a role in their diet.

1. Stella & Chewy

If you are looking to buy treats, chews and foods made near you, Stella & Chewy is it. They currently operate their main facility in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

Marie Moody adopted a dog named Stella. And what animal doesn’t need a friend? After adopting a dog, she decided to take in a sick dog named Chewy. He was ill, and on the recommendation of a veterinarian, Moody began feeding Chewy a raw diet. After feeding his dogs a raw diet, he got better.

Her recovery led Marie to pursue her passion for pet nutrition and start her own business. In 2003, things became official. It started as a raw pet food brand, but has now expanded to meet the dietary needs of multiple dogs.

Today, they offer a variety of raw diet foods, treats, and snacks. If you are a dog or cat owner who wants to feed your dog raw food, this is the place to look. However, if you don’t, they offer you other treats.

Zander could still opt for a Dandy Lamb Mixeror the Just Jerky Bites Real Salmon Recipe. Pet owners be warned, salmon has a bold aromatic scent. Find out where you can buy this brand locally using their store locator. Zander finds his favorites at Pet Supplies More at Root.

2. Fromm Family Pet Food

Fromm Family pet food is a fifth-generation, family-owned pet food company. Since 1904, they have invested in animals. In the 1930s, Fromms developed the first canine distemper vaccine. Then, in 1949, they started incorporating pet food into their business.

You can now find their kibble, wet food, and treats at pet stores across Wisconsin. They offer products for dogs and cats.

Want to know where you can buy the product? Use the store locator. In Racine and Kenosha counties, Zander enjoys visiting Klema Flux, Avenue Pet Shop and Reineman’s true worth.

3. Gracie’s Dog Treats

Zander has problems with foods that contain a lot of preservatives and additives. We discovered Gracie’s Dog Treats when shopping at Malicki’s Piggly Wiggly in Racine. The great thing about Gracie’s Doggie Delights is that its products only contain one ingredient.

So who is Gracie? She’s a Wisconsin resident who has Down’s Syndrome. She adores her three rescue Miniature Schnauzers and gives them treats. She launched her own line of dog treats to share her joy with others.

Grace likes to see the puppies liking her treats. If you happen to buy a packet of treats, share your pet’s smile with Gracie’s Doggie Delights. They call their customers “G-Dogs” and post their photos on their Facebook page. If you placed an order, they ask you to post a photo or email them a photo of your dog.

In addition to snacks, it makes a variety of items like pet shampoo bars, treat bags, shirts, and more. Buy its products online or at Piggly Wiggly by Malicki.

4. Pure Pheasant

pure pheasant is exactly what you think it would be: treats and pure pheasant food. By raising their pheasants on their farm, Pure Phesant truly represents the farm to bowl motto.

Their birds roam freely and are handled humanely. The pheasants are fed a 100% vegetarian diet based on non-GMO corn. Their diet contains no added hormones or antibiotics. All Pure Pheasant products are manufactured on-site in Janesville, Wisconsin.

They offer a variety of products like frozen raw meat, raw necks, hearts and heads. Although some owners may think it’s gross, your pup will love this diet similar to what he would get in the wild.

Products can be online order. Their freeze-dried pheasant feet are perfect for dogs and cats.

Zander can smell those treats from across the room. Trust them, they’ll make your dog’s tail wag.

5. Side cooking

Zander resting on hay bales after playing fetch. Credit: Emma Wimar

Your dog is pretty awesome. Why not give them treats that are too? Side cooking is based in Burlington, Wis. Although you have to order these treats online, it’s worth it. Their products are grain-free, limited-ingredient, human-grade, all-natural, made in the USA in small batches, and extra crunchy.

They come in a variety of flavors and sizes. If you want your pup to eat his fruits and vegetables, try this treat. If become a wholesale retailer is in the cards for you, Companion Cusine has the ability to work with you.

Zander hasn’t tried these yet, but they’re on his snack list.

Adoptable pets and more

Don’t have a dog to feed these snacks to? Consider adopting one. Check out our Adopt-a-Pet posts for furry friends looking for a loving home. You can find more pet content by visiting the Root County Eye Pets category.

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