7 Best Cat Water Fountains 2022



If you’re a cat owner, you’re probably already spoiling your feline friend with plenty of interactive toys, cat houses, and stylish cat collars. But what about the latest technology? From the Litter Robot to automatic pet feeders and cat water fountains, there are plenty of tools to keep your cat healthy and happy and to make your life easier. Cats are pretty self-sufficient creatures – cat parents know that with a bowl of dry food and a clean litter box, they should be fine if left alone while you’re at work for the day or even if you leave at night. But if your cat has ever spilled her water bowl or refused to drink plain water for any number of reasons, you might wonder if she’s really getting enough water throughout the day.

You may catch your cat pawing in its water bowl to create a form of movement, and you may have thought it was just playing with it. The truth is, regardless of cat breed, they are naturally attracted to and generally prefer to drink moving water. According to Dr. Maureen K. Murithi, a veterinarian who works with Hepper.com“Cat water fountains are a great asset for cat parents because cats are not so inclined to drink water. Cat fountains encourage cats to drink water; they stimulate the the cat’s animal instinct to drink from running water, like streams and rivers in the wild.”

The Best Cat Water Fountains to Buy in 2022

Dr. Chyrle Bonk, veterinarian working with ExcitedCats.com, reminds us that it can be difficult to get your cat to drink enough water, which is not a positive when it comes to preventing health problems like diabetes and kidney disease. “Cat water fountains can really increase a cat’s water intake because they filter the water to make sure your cat always has fresh, clean water available to them,” she explains. she. “Drinking enough water can go a long way in keeping a cat healthy.”

With these benefits in mind, you may be ready to add a cat water fountain to your home. Keep reading for all of our top picks, plus helpful expert tips and answers to FAQs, so you can confidently choose the right water fountain for your cat.

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    best cat water fountain


    Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain

    Dimensions 120 x 185 x 185mm
    Material Stainless steel
    Ability 2 liters

    most innovative cat water fountain


    KittySpring Cat Water Dispenser with Reusable Filter

    Dimensions 9.84 x 13.78 x 9.4 inches
    Material BPA-free glass and plastic
    Ability 0.42 liters

    quietest cat water fountain


    Capsule water fountain

    Dimensions 8.86 x 5.6 x 5.5 inches
    lester 24.7 ounces
    Material Stainless steel, BPA-free plastic
    Ability 2.1 liters

    cutest cat water fountain


    Stainless Steel Flower Fountain with Triple Action Filter

    Dimensions 8 x 8 x 6 in
    lester 1.6 pounds
    Material Stainless steel drinking area, plastic base/reservoir
    Ability 3 liters

    best ceramic water fountain for cat


    Creekside Ceramic Pet Fountain

    Dimensions 12 x 11.8 x 7.4 inches
    lester 0.75 pounds
    Material Scratch resistant ceramic
    Ability 1.7 liters

    most popular cat water fountain

    Pet Fountain with Replacement Filters and Silicone Mat

    Dimensions 7.48 x 7.48 x 5.91 inches
    lester 1.98 pounds
    Material BPA-free resin and silicone pad
    Ability 2.5 liters

    best budget cat water fountain

    Automatic Pet Drinking Fountain

    Dimensions 6.8 x 6.8 x 6.5 inches
    lester 1.1 pounds
    Material Plastic
    Ability 1.5 liters

    What to look for when buying cat water fountains

    ✔️ Size for your space: Cat water fountains are more expensive than your regular water bowl, so it’s important to understand your options. Dr. Murithi suggests considering the size of the fountain and where you plan to place it, as some can take up a lot of space.

    ✔️ Low Noise: “Go for fountains that don’t make a lot of noise. Loud ones can deter cats and can become a nuisance,” says Dr Murithi. “You might want one with a quiet motor for more finicky cats as well,” agrees Dr. Bonk.

    ✔️ Filter options: “Opt for fountains that contain filters that help trap toxins and impurities, making the water more drinkable,” says Dr. Bonk. Dr. Murithi also notes that water fountain filters help trap chemicals, which can predispose cats to fewer infections. Some fountains come with one or more filters to get you started, while others are sold separately. Consider how often you’ll need to replace them and the accessibility or cost of replacement filters before making your choice.

    • Will all cats love a water fountain? Cats are flighty. Some might like it, while others might be skeptical. “Either the noise or the movement can be scary, so if you have a more timid cat, a water fountain might not be the best option,” says Dr. Bonk. That being said, Dr. Murithi points out that fountains can improve the taste and aroma of water, which could make cats want to drink more, especially in the summer. They also keep the water cooler and more oxygenated than standard water bowls.
    • What type of materials should you consider? According to Dr. Murithi, plastic water fountains for cats can harbor many bacteria and can be a source of allergies. Stone and wood, on the other hand, can retain odors. Stainless steel and ceramic materials are the best as they are easy to clean and hygienic.
    • Are cat water fountains easy to clean? “They can be tricky to clean, especially if they’re bulky,” says Dr. Murithi. “This can lead to a buildup of bacteria, especially in the filter system.” So while you won’t have to constantly refill a bowl of water, you will need to clean your water fountain regularly inside and out.
    • Will cats play with the water fountain? The short answer is, maybe. “Cats may see the fountain as a toy and splash water all over the place, which makes it a bit messy,” warns Dr. Murithi. Hey, at least they’ll be hydrated!

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