9 convenient pet food delivery services for cats and dogs

Calling all pet owners: do you know what’s going on in your dog or cat’s current food? If you haven’t spent too much time probing the ingredients on the back of the bag or researching exactly how traditional kibble is made, we don’t blame you. Life can get pretty hectic.

To help you get started, we’ve rounded up nutritious food delivery services that will be shipped right to your door. Aka no last minute errands to grab a bag because you didn’t realize you were almost out. And for the record, the prices will vary as each one is personalized according to the weight, age, breed, activity level, health history of your dog or cat, and much more.

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A high protein, non-filling food service for cats …

All you have to do is complete a quiz on your feline friend. You will be asked questions about their likes, dislikes, food history and more. You can choose proteins and textures, as well as fresh or raw freeze-dried dishes (an alternative to croquettes). Once you are done, you will receive a sampler sent to your doorstep to see how your cat is responding. If things go well (we’re pretty sure they will), you can go for a monthly subscription. But no worries – if something changes, you can always change recipes, skip a month, or readjust to their picky preferences. The ingredients are USDA certified and come from sustainable sources. (Packages start at $ 1.50 + / day, Smalls)

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fresh dog food subscriptionPetPlate
A personalized and pre-portioned catering service for dogs …

First, you’ll answer a few questions to help build your pet’s plan. Each meal is nutrient dense with fresh ingredients. Plus, everything is cooked in USDA kitchens, the same way human food is prepared. So before meals are shipped to you, they are frozen to keep them fresh. The full plan has plenty of options, including turkey, pork, chicken, lamb, venison, and beef. Once you are ready to serve your puppy, you can prepare the food cold or reheat it in the microwave. All packaging is also BPA free and recyclable. (Plans start at $ 2.85 + / day, PetPlate)

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meat and vegetable food subscription for dogsThe farmer’s dog
Human grade meat and vegetables that are cooked fresh for your puppy …

No croquettes here. These simple recipes are made in USDA kitchens and then delivered a few days after cooking. Nothing is frozen or stored on a shelf for months. Once you’ve created a Pet Profile, you’ll end up with a vet-designed plan tailored to your dog’s needs. Psst … everything is nutritionally complete and balanced for dogs. If you are unsure, you can literally taste the food yourself. Each recipe uses ingredients that are also safe for humans. (Packages start at $ 2 + / day, The Farmer’s Dog)

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food subscription created by a veterinarian for dogsName name
Hearty meals rich in humidity if your cat is very picky …

Nom Nom relies on certified veterinary nutritionists to create recipes that promote the best health of your pet. They cook all the meals themselves (even for the dogs too) so there are no hidden ingredients and a very high standard is met no matter what. All food is sourced from trusted US producers and is sustainably sourced wherever possible. In addition, the items are individually cooked, which helps to avoid high temperatures and preserves the nutritional value. Ultimately, meals are pre-portioned and ready to go when they arrive. (Packages start at $ 2.50 + / day, Name Name)

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dog food subscriptionOllie
A subscription to the delivery of dog food accompanied by a storage container and a practical spoon …

So each individual meal can be kept cool while you keep it in the fridge. When your box is delivered, you will have meals for two weeks, so some can be placed in the freezer. You will also receive personalized feeding instructions based on the profile you create for your pooch. The spoon will help you perfectly portion a meal before serving it. And a few details: Meal plans focus on meat first and tailored to your dog’s activity level, weight, age, breed, and various other factors. Plus, everything is made with 100% real food (i.e. veg, fruit, and plant-based protein) and is freshly cooked. (Packages start at under $ 4 / day, Ollie)

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subscription to healthy and nutritious dog foodSpot & Tango
Spot & Tango’s UnKibble recipes made from whole ingredients …

Yes, croquettes have a bad reputation. Spot & Tango UnKibble contains no preservatives, fillers or artificial additives, and unlike most kibble, it does not contain powdered “mystery meat”. It is GMO and hormone free, and gently dried using a unique process to maintain nutritional integrity. There are also fresh recipes if you prefer to feed your dog food in small batches. If you choose the UnKibble route, the food delivery service will always be personalized according to your pet and their needs. The spoon is also personalized, so portioning is very easy. Oh, it’s also 40% cheaper than typical frozen options. (Packages start at $ 1 + / day, Spot & Tango)

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dog meal subscriptionWe feed raw
USDA balanced raw meals for dogs, human-grade meats …

Eating raw foods can have many benefits, such as a healthy coat, reduced allergies, better digestion, and increased energy. We Feed Raw recommends raw foods because traditional kibble can be cooked at high temperatures (which removes nutrients) and is difficult to digest. They focus on foods rich in nutrients which can be digested very easily. The meals are premixed and include muscle meat, organs and bones, as well as vitamins and minerals. The recipes are developed by a doctor in animal nutrition and everything goes through high pressure treatment. That is, a technique that neutralizes foodborne pathogens such as Listeria, E. Coli and Salmonella. (Plans start at $ 5 + / day, We Feed Raw)

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wet and dry food subscription for catsCat person
A grain-free, low-carbohydrate cat food delivery service …

This plan includes wet and dry recipes for cats of all ages. You can customize according to your cat’s needs and then test the options through the Starter Box. You will be able to see what your cat is responding to. You will then have two weeks to make changes before your subscription begins. The food itself does not contain unnecessary fillers and is rich in protein. Meals contain only one or two animal proteins, so if your cat has an allergy, it is easy to avoid certain ingredients. (Packages start at $ 1.45 + / day, cat person)

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fish-based dog food subscriptionChippin
Dog food made with fresh silver carp from American fishermen …

Fish are caught from the wild and then combined with all-natural fruits, vegetables and grains. This is a great option for puppies who are allergic to other common proteins. The recipe was developed with vets and medical doctors and comes in environmentally friendly, neutral plastic packaging. Silver carp has 10 essential amino acids and does not contain any detectable heavy metals like mercury. Plus, it’s an overcrowded fish in the United States, so by fishing them Chippin is actually helping to restore biodiversity. (Packages start at $ 29.69 + / bag, Chippin)

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