Assisted living girls remember Betty White and their friendship as her 100th birthday approaches

NEWPORT, Tenn. (WVLT) – Loving life, expressing themselves and laughing are all things the girls of Wellington Manor Assisted Living have in common with the late Betty White. Several ladies in the 80s and 90s celebrated her life by watching reruns of her popular shows, and creating a special donation campaign to honor Betty.

Wellington Manor is accepting pet food and other items for the Steele Away Home animal rescue to donate on Monday, which would have been Betty’s 100th birthday.

Wellington Manor family counselor Gidget Dailey said donations quickly started coming in. So that’s a good thing!

Doris recalled that long before Golden Girls, which many people watched, there were shows in the era of black and white television. “Betty White had her own show. It’s the first one I can remember.

Others remember her on the Mary Tyler Moore show and game shows. Barbara said: “It happened during the day: Password.” This show connected Betty to the love of her life that she would marry: Alan Ludin.

“I couldn’t help but love it,” Sue said.

“I think she played the part really well,” Edna said.

With the ladies sharing Betty’s zest for life and sassy attitude, “It’s nice to speak your mind, isn’t it?”

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