Beginner Tips and Tricks for Brewmaster


For comfortable play with an educational touch, Brewmaster is the perfect choice. This incredibly realistic simulator takes you step by step through creating your own unique beer, stout or ale.

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Once you’ve produced your own distinct rocket, you can branch out to compete in local competitions, gain notoriety, and eventually distribute your lines of hopped goodness to big companies around the world. Getting started, however, can be overwhelming, with many technical steps required to perfect the brew. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you dive into the world of beer.


5/5 When to use lids

There are many things that can go wrong when brewing, including contamination, off flavors, and the yeast dying before it has done its job. Yeast is a living organism, and each one needs a very specific environment to thrive and turn those sugars into delicious alcohol. At the start of the game, before more complex equipment is unlocked, you will tend to use a saucepan to boil ingredients, in which case the lid must be removed. However, once left to ferment, the lid must be put back on to prevent bad bacteria and odors from polluting the taste. It can be quickly removed to add ingredients or to fill with water to maintain the temperature and volume your batch requires.

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Even though the liquid may cool faster at room temperature by 20 degrees without the lid, it is not worth the risk and cooling equipment should be used instead. At later stages, the recipe may ask you to cool the product to 25 degrees. Be sure to remember that room temperature never changes and the batch should not be left too long or it will get too cold.

4/5 time jumpsBrewmaster beer brewing simulator pouring from a small stainless steel pot

Fermentation, conditioning and brewing can take a long time. You’ll have to wait for the liquid to boil and cool, and some flavors require aging for several days at a time. Don’t leave the game as boring because you can easily skip ahead when you’ve done all you can.

Try looking at your character’s watch and moving the hands forward a few minutes or hours. This comes in handy when you’re waiting for something to reach its optimum temperature. However, some processes take much longer and scrolling the minutes on a watch isn’t going to cut it. Interact with the calendar on the wall instead to arrive at the right time, harvesting your brand new batch.

3/5 Let gravity do the workBrewmaster beer brewing simulator pouring yeast into a stainless steel pot

There are many different specialized vessels needed in the complex brewing process, so moving liquids between the two can become a time-consuming problem. One way to make these hands free is to use tubes. By placing the full container on top of the table and connecting it to the next container, gravity will do the heavy lifting and the pipes can slowly drain the product for you. Use the watch to move forward if necessary.

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Another use for tubes is when creating large prizes. Larger bowls can’t fit in the sink, so filling it with water can get frustrating. By attaching a tube from the faucet and into the bowl on the ground, it is not necessary to fill small bowls to empty them into the large one. Remember to connect the tubes in the order from where the liquid starts to where it will end.

2/5 Personalization comes laterBrewmaster Beer Brewing Simulator Crisp Crisp Floral Finished Recipe Taste

One of the best things about Brewmaster is how much control you have over the end result, from flavors to alcohol content to the label on the bottle. Finding your own (successful) taste palate can be overwhelming at first, especially with all the variables. In the beginning, try to stick to the recipes provided by the game, and if a mission calls for something different, choose qualities and ingredients from an existing recipe and test the quantities.

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As the story progresses and more gear becomes available in the catalog, it will become faster and easier to try out new things with much more control. As a beginner, don’t be too impatient and make sure you master the basics first.

1/5 The magazine is your friend

Each day comes with a new Brewer’s Quarterly magazine on the bench inside the brewery door, and it contains lots of useful information. Brand new recipes will be detailed inside, all of which can be changed for whatever mission you are currently on. Throughout the story, the catalog at the back will be updated with new equipment to refine your creations, which will waste less time and ingredients.

This is also where you will find new jobs to complete in order to boost your reputation and earn beer tokens. You can even learn about the history of brewing and upcoming competitions, and get inspired for your next bold brew.

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