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The best way to find a good price on pet insurance is to compare pet insurance quotes from multiple insurers. You can get free quotes by:

  • Use a comparison site
  • Visit multiple pet insurance company websites
  • Contact an independent agent by phone, email or in person

In addition to comparing prices and coverage details, it’s wise to explore any other benefits or perks that come with the pet plan. Here are some other benefits to consider.

Exam fees

When you go to the vet, you usually have to pay a consultation or examination fee for the vet to assess your pet’s health. Unfortunately, not all pet insurance companies cover this cost. If this is important to you, look for companies that include exam fee coverage.

wellness supplement

Some pet insurance companies, like Pets Best and TrustedPals, offer wellness care to supplement your accident and illness coverage. If you want preventative care coverage, find an insurer that offers the option to add that coverage.

Waiting times

A waiting period is a period of time you must wait between the date you purchase the policy and the start of benefits. Some waiting periods last a few days, while others can last a few weeks. The duration varies by insurance company.

Some insurance companies apply an extended waiting period for certain conditions, such as hip dysplasia. Condition-specific waiting periods vary by insurer, but are generally between six and 12 months.

Access to veterinary helplines

Some plans provide access to 24/7 veterinary helplines. Veterinary helplines can help you decide how to handle an animal-related medical problem, such as lameness or diarrhea.

Multi-pet discounts

If you wish to insure more than one pet, you may qualify for a discount. Some pet insurance companies offer discounted rates when you insure multiple pets. Pet insurers may also offer other ways to save, such as military discounts or employer discounts.

Direct payment from the veterinarian

Pet insurance policyholders typically pay the full vet bill and then file a claim with their insurer for reimbursement. Some companies like Trupanion pay the vet directly through their unique claims processing software. This is a good option if you don’t want to pay the entire vet bill, but check with your vet to make sure they’re willing to accept payment from a specific insurer.

Additional Benefits

Pet insurance companies sometimes offer additional benefits. For example, Figo offers a pet cloud app that helps you organize your pet’s medical records and appointment schedules. Another example is Nationwide, which offers special pricing for pet medications through its partnership with Walmart drugstores.

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