CofC introduces and welcomes new staff

The College of Charleston family continues to grow with the addition of these new staff members. While not necessarily new to campus, these Cougars have found exciting new roles at the College, and we’re excited to hear about them! Please welcome the following employees (listed alphabetically below) to the family!

Matthew Agostosa-Viado, Information Technology

Matthieu Agostosa-Viado
Endpoint Engineer, Information Technology Division

Background: I am originally from North Charleston, SC. Since then, I’ve lived in Arizona, Virginia, and Washington, DC I went to The Citadel, South Carolina’s Military College, where I studied Computer Science. Prior to working at the College of Charleston, I worked as a software developer in Washington, DC, and for a moving company here in Charleston.

Interests: I like to surf weekends on Folly, as well as skateboarding here in downtown Charleston. I love playing the cello and am currently Diamond in League of Legends.

Looking forward: I look forward to working with faculty and staff to create a supportive learning environment for future American leaders.

Kaylee Lass

Kaylee Lass, Halsey Institute

Kaylee Lass ’16
Director of Exhibitions, Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art

Background: I grew up in Southampton County, Virginia, subconsciously absorbing an appreciation for contemporary art and historical artifacts from the treasury of a home of my grandparents. It was in this rural community that I began to learn the power of place and material culture to share stories. I carried that sensibility with me here at the College of Charleston to study Arts Management and Historic Preservation and Community Planning. As an intern at the Halsey Institute in my final year, I was captivated by the interactions with gallery visitors at reception and the new meaning our conversations could bring to the exhibits. After graduation, I was hired as Assistant Director and Chief Curator and have held various positions at the Halsey Institute since, attending nearly 40 exhibitions by 100 artists. It was such a joy to grow and give back to the place that gave me so much.

Interests: When I’m not in the galleries, you can find me in the dance studio, enjoying art and music around town, taking walks in the golden hour, or running after the sun goes down with friends.

Looking forward: I look forward to working more closely with the artists we bring to the Charleston community, helping their visions become reality in our space, and witnessing the “aha!” moments of students and visitors walking through the galleries.

Webb Maynard

Webb Maynard, Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs

Webb Maynard
Data File Coordinator, Office of Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs

Background: I was born and raised in Conway, SC. I used to work in hotels before attending CofC to complete my BA in Art History.

Interests: I am an adventurer. I love going out and finding new places to eat and taking long car trips with my loved ones. I have a dog named Morgan that I raised from a puppy. I like to read a little. I’m also a big nerd who likes to play Dungeons & Dragons every week with my friends.

Looking forward: I have always enjoyed helping people even in some mundane parts of life. So, working for CofC, I help students young and old achieve their graduation dreams and guide them through the financial aspect of it.

Ana Montjoy

Ana Montjoy, Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs

Ana Montjoy
Alternative Loans and External Bursaries Program Coordinator, Office of Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs

Background: I grew up about 45 minutes west of Charleston, just outside of Walterboro, SC. I earned my BA in Integrated Marketing Communications with a minor in History from Winthrop University and earned my MBA from UofSC Aiken. I started working at a regional UofSC campus in 2014. After several years of admission, I made the transition to financial aid and really benefited from it. I have been heavily involved with SCASFAA (Student Financial Aid Administrators Association of South Carolina) since 2018 and have come to rely on my friends and colleagues across the state to help me stay au familiar with federal regulations, as they change often.

Interests: I love to travel, play “aunt” with all my friends’ kids, swim, hang out with my cat, do puzzles, listen to music, write, and catch the occasional stingray game…even when I don’t have no idea what’s going on!

Looking forward: I look forward to learning and growing with a team that is always ready to help the next student in line.

Katie O'Neill

Katie O’Neill, Academic Advisor

Katie O’Neill
Educational Advisor, Center for Educational Counseling and Planning

Background: I’m originally from Mobile, Alabama but grew up in Boise, Idaho where I competed in snow skiing competitions. Prior to coming to the College of Charleston, I worked as a graduate assistant and academic certification officer for the Veterans Affairs Office at the University of South Alabama in Mobile while completing my Masters in Educational Leadership for Higher Education. .

Interests: I picked up a new hobby to learn more about the Charleston area by visiting local restaurants and exploring the area. I love exploring new places! I make it a goal every weekend to try at least one new place to eat or one new place to visit. I definitely have a preference for supporting local places over chains. I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends whenever I can. On the weekends, I like to unwind by reading a book, catching up on a binge-worthy show on Netflix, finding a sports game to watch, and skiing in the winter.

Looking forward: I am delighted to help students navigate their academic schedules and support them in their academic goals at the College of Charleston. I look forward to working with my new team at the Center for Academic Guidance and Planning – it’s awesome and so encouraging. I couldn’t do it without their help and advice! I also look forward to attending some sporting events like basketball and football and look forward to bonding with other faculty and staff on campus.

Michael Stewart

Michael Stewart, Human Resources

Michael Stewart
Talent Acquisition and Development Coordinator, Office of Human Resources

Background: I’m from Taylors, SC. I graduated from the University of South Carolina with a BA in Multimedia Journalism and an M.Ed in Higher Education and Student Affairs. While in school, I worked as an academic coach and tutor for student-athletes.

Interests: I love running, going to the movies, traveling, spending time in nature and watching baseball. I am passionate about protecting the environment and helping endangered species.

Looking forward: I look forward to taking on a new challenge and joining a great team. I can’t wait to bring everything I can to the table for CofC!

Laura Tyndall

Laura Tyndall, Registrar

Laura Tyndall
Military Transfer Assessment Manager, Office of the Registrar

Background: I grew up just across the Cooper River in Mount Pleasant, SC. I started my career in higher education as an undergraduate work-study at Charleston Southern University. I continued at CSU, working in admissions and financial aid for nearly a decade before moving to Bluffton to work in the Registrar’s Office at UofSC Beaufort. After five years away, I decided it was time to return home and start my next chapter with CofC.

Interests: I love all the natural beauty our Lowcountry has to offer. You will often find me hammocking between two trees with a book or listening to music and enjoying the scenery. I also enjoy a good walk on the beach or along the Pitt Street Bridge at sunset. I love having a good road trip with friends, or just being with family in the mountains of North Carolina or in the distant country of Thailand! I love traveling to all tropical places!

Looking forward: I look forward to working in a great institution full of tradition. I also enjoy helping students achieve their goals.

Regan Wacker

Regan Wacker, CofC Libraries

Regan Wacker’18
Access and Instruction Specialist, College of Charleston Libraries

Background: I grew up in Florida and graduated from CofC. I have lived here in Charleston since graduating in 2018.

Interests: I like to take long walks, read and cook vegetarian meals.

Looking forward: I will enjoy the sense of community and work in a wonderful library.

Asia Williams

Asia Williams, Addlestone Library

Asia Williams ’22
Access and Instruction Specialist, Marlene and Nathan Addlestone Library

Background: I’m from Anderson, SC! I am a recent 2022 graduate of the College, where I majored in History and worked as a Peer Academic Advisor within the freshman IMPACT program.

Interests: In my free time, I enjoy practicing yoga, trying new foods, taking long walks downtown, and finding things to do with my friends and family!

Looking forward: I look forward to enjoying the positive and fun atmosphere that the College, students, faculty and staff have created!

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