Evergreen Celebrates Expansion and Growth in Ohio


CLYDE, Ohio– Evergreen, a preferred supplier of food and non-food grade rPET, celebrated the completion of its building and production expansion in Clyde, Ohio this month.

The expansion began in August 2021 as a $22 million project with 3 lines and has evolved due to increased customer and consumer demand for recycled PET plastic. The 54,000 square foot addition includes four extrusion lines that can be expanded to six, processing 11.8 billion bottles per year, resulting in local capacity of 113 million pounds of food-grade PET per year. Evergreen processes 217 million pounds across its four North American facilities.

This expansion was made possible in part by the American Beverage Association and the Ohio Beverage Association, in partnership with Closed Loop Partners, who announced in 2021 that Evergreen would receive significant investment through the Every Initiative. Bottle Back from the beverage industry.

The $5 million investment – half from the American Beverage Association in partnership with Closed Loop Partners and the other half from Closed Loop Partners’ infrastructure fund – helped Evergreen evolve its business model, expanding its services to transform recycled PET plastic into food-grade recycled plastic. rPET pellets used to make new bottles, while creating a strong local market for recycled plastics.

“The Evergreen team and our Ohio Beverage Association and Closed Loop Partners look forward to sharing this expansion project with our customers and our community.” said Omar Abuaita, CEO of Evergreen. “What we’re doing here goes beyond Clyde, Ohio State, and the United States. We are committed to making a global impact on recycling and sustainability. With the financial and strategic support of The Sterling Group, we are able to meet consumer demands through growth and innovation and we are preparing to share a unique industry announcement soon. Without The Sterling Group, we would still be a 2-line factory in the middle of Ohio.

“We are excited to support Evergreen’s expansion, which will help Ohio’s beverage companies reduce our use of new plastic and keep our 100% recyclable plastic bottles out of the environment.” Our industry is committed to using more recycled content in our containers and Evergreen’s bold leadership will help ensure our bottles are remade as planned,” said Kimberly McConville, executive director of the Ohio Beverage Association.

This expansion added 20 manufacturing and management jobs to the Sandusky County area. Evergreen employs 350 manufacturing workers, managers and organizational leaders at four locations in North America – Clyde, Ohio; Riverside, California; Albany, New York; Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada.

“Evergreen’s expansion into Clyde enables the company to establish greater proximity to its customers and enhance security of supply when recycled PET (rPET) is in short supply or unavailable,” said JP Nauseef, president and CEO of JobsOhio. “This confirms the company’s status not only as one of the largest plastic recyclers in the country, but also as a global competitor in recycling.

About Evergreen

Founded in 1998 with a single location in Clyde, Ohio, Evergreen is a recycling company and one of North America’s largest producers of recycled food-grade polyethylene terephthalate (rPET), a recycled resin used as a green alternative to virgin resin in beverage bottles, food containers, health and beauty packaging, home products and more. In 2021, Evergreen acquired three additional locations in Albany, New York; Amherst, Nova Scotia; and Riverside, California; and deployed AI-based robotics to transform its recycling practices. Evergreen is the preferred supplier of rPET to the world’s leading brands, helping customers increase recycled content in their packaging, keep plastic out of landfills and oceans, and meet sustainability and ESG goals. Evergreen is a proud member of the American Beverage Association, NAPCOR and the Association of Plastic Recyclers.

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