Fisher and Jade are smart pets with fun hobbies

Fisher enjoys morning playgroups and tennis balls. // Courtesy of KCPP

We have teamed up with KC Pet Project to host a weekly “Creature” about adorable and adoptable pets here in the KC subway. Two previous featured pets, Cinnamon Spice and Oliver, were recently adopted!

This week, KCPP presents Fisher, a 2 year old pit bull, and Jade, a 7 year old domestic shorthair. The two adorable pets reside at the Kansas City Campus for Animal Care, where you can adopt them.

Fisher has been at the shelter since August 20, 101 days ago. He participates in the morning play groups, but must meet any other dog in the house before adopting. One thing you need to know about this spirited boy is that he loves tennis balls. He even knows where the hiding place for tennis balls is at the shelter! Fisher is known to lead a staff member to the container and beg them to grab a bullet or two.

Jade, a gray domestic shorthair with green eyes, stares at the camera.

Jade would love to curl up in a cafe with a book. // Courtesy of KCPP

If Jade were human, she would love quiet cafes and staying home to read a good book on the weekends. She can be a bit shy but adapts quickly to new people. Jade is looking for a home where she can take afternoon naps and cuddle whenever she wants.

Fisher and Jade are just a few of the many pets to adopt from the KC Pet Project. There are still other featured creatures that need to be adopted as well. Monsieur is a calm and calm cat who loves everything that is eaten. Deangelo is a sweet, beautiful and gentle pit bull who loves hiking. Norman is a well-behaved and gentle dog with a young mind. Pumpkin Seeds is a gorgeous cat who will show you her sweet side once you gain her trust. Tonja is a tabby cat with golden eyes who would like a quiet home.

The shelter is currently at full capacity and is in need of adopters and foster parents. If these aren’t pets for you, check out KCPP’s Current Adoptable Pets.

This Tuesday I Give, KC Pet Project is raising $ 50,000 for a new initiative, Healthy Pets KC. With your support, they will begin to implement a low cost veterinary service program for our community pets in Kansas City, MO. Healthy Pets KC is an innovative new program for KC Pet Project. Donating Tuesday to Healthy Pets KC will fund the purchase of a new vehicle, enabling their veterinary and animal support teams to provide low-cost veterinary services to homes in need and their pets throughout. the Kansas City community. Follow it here.

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