Former adviser Igor Novikov explains how YOU can help Ukraine

The Blast interviewed Igor Novikov, former adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to hear his unique perspective on the current crisis in Ukraine. Novikov, who holds a law degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science, brings a unique set of technological, entrepreneurial and political perspectives to the dialogue on innovation in Eastern Europe.

In the seventh article in our series on Ukraine, Novikov discusses how individuals can help Ukraine.

Igor Novikov answers what is the best way for individuals to support Ukraine


“Life is disrupted in a major way,” he explained. “Imagine this zombie apocalypse that Hollywood keeps showing you and it happens in real life. One day you live your life and you take things for granted – you have your hair conditioner and your shampoo in your bathroom – and you have a full fridge, you have a beer after work, you go for a walk, your pets have food, your children have food, everything seems normal and the next morning you don’t know where to get water. ‘fresh water.

“The first thing to come out of the stores is a fresh war,” he continued. “Cool water and cigarettes. These are two things that disappeared almost instantly. Then came bread and milk. Now bread and milk are back, water is back, but cigarettes are still hard to come by.

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“Which is a good thing,” he added. “Smoking kills.”

“This kind of disruption is really devastating for your future and for your present,” he added. “Money helps here, but before we think any further, before we think about how to rebuild and get life back to normal, we need to understand how to survive and ironically money isn’t as important to life. ‘Ukraine these days only attention .”

Russian President Vladimir Putin holds a meeting of the Collective Security Treaty Organization

“I’m not worried about what Putin can do, and that includes a nuclear strike on Ukrainian territory,” he added. “We are survivors. We’ll get there. What really worries me is the fact that Justin Bieber’s next album will be released and the world will pay attention to it.

“If Putin does what he’s doing now with Ukraine now with the world’s attention on us, imagine what he’s going to do to us when the world looks away. So remembering us and talking about the situation in Ukraine until it is resolved is the first thing you can do to help.

Igor Novikov explains the importance of trying to rebuild Ukraine


He also asked the world to “support us when this is over,” he added. “You can’t imagine the scale of the devastation Russia is bringing. They are literally destroying every square meter by square meter. They are destroying infrastructure, they are destroying schools, they are destroying hospitals, so when this ends there is Chances are Ukraine is just a wasteland with some really brave and brave and wonderful people living in that wasteland so we’re going to need all the help we can get to rebuild.

“We will ask for your help to rebuild quickly,” he continued. “If this drags on, the psychological damage will be far greater than the physical damage that Russia is creating and that is one of the goals that they have in fact openly stated. This is one of the reasons they gave explicit orders to shoot and kill civilians and target schools and hospitals, because they want people to panic. They want people to show up. They want to destroy the army and all those who are pro-Western, pro-freedom, pro-human rights, they want them to flee to Poland or elsewhere and then they get the territory.

Ukrainian man finds living cat in rubble of house outside kyiv
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“And then they will establish military bases in this territory and then they will attack Moldova or Poland or elsewhere from this territory. We saw it happen in Belarus,” he explained. “Most of the attacks hitting Ukraine right now are coming from the territory of Belarus, not Russia, so it’s very important to keep that human spirit, that flame burning. If we let them put it out, we lose. People stop paying attention to Ukraine, we lose.

He then addressed the person, saying, “Let me assure you we see and we assure you we appreciate everything you do.”

If you are able to donate time, money, or supplies, please visit World Central Kitchen or check out this list of reputable organizations.

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