Former Fort State Senator challenges U.S. Representative Scott in Democratic primary

(AFN) ATLANTA — Former state senator Vincent Fort (D-Atlanta), a progressive champion who unsuccessfully ran for mayor of Atlanta in 2017 with the backing of U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT ), is challenging U.S. Representative David Scott (D-GA) for the Democratic nomination for Georgia’s Thirteenth Congressional District.

“We can do better. We don’t have to settle for someone who votes with Republicans, who works with payday lenders and Wall Street, someone who votes badly on the environment,” said former senator Fort Atlanta Progressive News.

The former state senator Fort served in the state senate from 1997 to 2017, in the 39th district seat currently held by state senator Sonya Halpern (D-Atlanta).

“I’m a fighter who gets things done,” Fort said.

david scottU.S. Representative Scott, a centrist Democrat, has held the seat in the 13th congressional district since 2003.

As previously reported by APN, State Sen. Donzella James (D-Atlanta) has run as a progressive challenger to U.S. Rep. Scott twice, first in 2006 and again in 2008.

Remarkably, in 2020, current Atlanta City Councilwoman Keisha Waites (Post 3 at-large) nearly forced U.S. Rep. Scott to a runoff, but Scott narrowly won the Democratic primary without a runoff. with 51.4 percent voting on the final tally.

Fort said he wanted voters in the Thirteenth Congressional District to know “that they have a better alternative to David Scott.”

“David Scott unfortunately supported bad policy. We don’t have to settle for someone who votes, endorses and donates to Republicans,” Fort said.

“Congressman David Scott quickly showed his ideological colors after being elected to Congress in 2002, joining the conservative Blue Dog Caucus and immediately breaking party ranks on critical issues,” according to the Progressive Scorecard website.

“During Scott’s first term, he was one of only 7 Democrats to vote for the Bush tax cuts, was one of 16 Democrats Vote for Bush’s Medicare Part D Legislation and supported a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage,” the website notes.

“Scott’s environmental record also raises major red flags. Although a supporter of a carbon tax, Scott voted with Republicans to fast-track the Keystone XL pipeline and against environmental protections on drinking water standards, nuclear storage and pesticide pollution,” indicates the website.

vincent fort“He co-sponsored seven bills aimed at deregulating Wall Street, the same banks that were at the forefront of predatory lending,” Fort said.

“It’s a progressive, 75 percent Democratic, majority African-American district,” Fort said of Georgia’s 13th congressional district.

The district includes part of Fulton County, including parts of College Park, East Point, the town of South Fulton, Union City, Fairburn and Palmetto; as well as parts of Cobb, Clayton, Douglas, Fayette and Henry counties.

“The district is more democratic than it was,” Fort said.

Part of the Cobb County Democratic area in the Thirteenth Congressional District went to the Fourteenth Congressional District currently represented by U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), as part of Congressional redistribution following the 2020 census.

“We can do better than someone who is the Joe Manchin of Georgia,” Fort said, comparing Scott to the Democratic U.S. senator from West Virginia who blocked much of President Joe Biden’s key legislative agenda.

Scott was ranked as the eighteenth most bipartisan member of the United States House of Representatives during the 114th United States Congress in the Bipartisan Index created by the Lugar Center and the McCourt School of Public Policy.

“We can be better off with a true Democrat who supports Medicare for All,” Fort said.

“The overwhelming majority of people in this district support Medicare for All in the midst of a pandemic, making it all the more obvious that we need a healthcare system where no one is left behind. “, Fort said.

“I want people to have the same health care as members of Congress. I believe health is a human right,” Fort said.

“I believe in the Green New Deal, especially where the Green New Deal trains people, hopefully young people of color, for green jobs,” he said.

“We know that districts like District Thirteen suffer more from the impacts of climate change than other areas, because when you have urban areas – climate change, global warming intensifies where you have built areas,” did he declare.

“I believe we need a minimum wage of fifteen dollars. I think it’s an outrage that we haven’t raised the minimum wage in decades,” Fort said.

“The fourth thing is the right to vote,” he said.

Fort was endorsed by Progressive Democrats of America, Blue America and Nina Turner.

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