Generator is available now! Just go to generator and enjoy.

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You Are Here:, UpdatesGenerator is available now! Just go to generator and enjoy.

We have good news for you! Yesterday we finished creating the first version of the generator. If you want to try or Monster Legends Hack generator, click on the button below.

Go to generator

Until we refine our tool, every user who from today to the first alpha version will use the generator will receive one more additional option of using the tool. During the development, various errors may occur that may interfere with the correct operation of the script.

What did we add?

The first thing that we decided to add is obviously gems, gold, and coins. These are the most important elements of the game. In further plans, we will add various items such as free habitats, weapons, and armor. It will also be possible to add unique monsters that you can buy/win only once per event.

In addition, we want to speed up our tool so that it can support more people at the same time. So far, we have problems when the generator uses 20 people at once.

At once it is so much of novelty. We will keep you informed of any changes. Be patient

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