How to Survive and Success in Monster Legends

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Monster Legends is an enjoyable mobile game where each player is allowed to apply their own strategy to collect the monster, combine them, and battle them. If you don’t know where to start or simply want to improve your achievement in Monster Legends, these following tips may help you.

1.Understanding the Elements

For the starter, what you need to do is understanding the elements of Monster Legends to map what you will do. This will include how you determine specific habitat for monsters. If you want to go advanced, you’ll need to know what temple required by your monsters.

Each element of Monster you’re breeding has key details which inform you what the eligible perks to develop further. At this point, understanding the element is the key to bring you out from the beginner levels. It drives how you breed the monster and battle them.

2.Selecting Opponent

Developing a structured team is another crucial step to take, especially when it comes to the battlefield. This allows you to determine which members should play in facing against particular opponents. Building a team is one of more required abilities where you can decide to leave or stay the battle.

At this point, you can adjust your strategy in battling a specific opponent. Set your team lineup based on a possible winning set. It will require considering the offense and defense which possessed by each element. It also includes considering any special skills.

3.Special Skills Mastering

Each monster you’re breeding has special skills. You can view the details on the profile page where it also informs you about how these skills take effects in the battle triumphant. Basic skills represent what you should take to have an equal battle against your opponent while special skills may lead you to a victory.

For instance, special skills may allow you to attack multiple monsters at once. In other hands, you can gain in-turn healing abilities or simultaneous protection. The rest is about deciding when the special skills deploying when you’re in the battle.

4.Set Your Goal

While you can explore your island in an unlimited way as you’re in Monster Legends universe, concerning on goals may give you another fun experience. Once you’re greeted by Gandalf, he will guide you through tasks. You need to regularly press the Goals button to finish the tasks. This allows you to reach a higher level more effectively instead of exploring the universe without goals.

Following the Adventure Map is also a great idea where you can gain a lot of battle experience. Along the way, you can collect XP and loots which boost your level and provide you eligibles.

5.Selectively Breed Your Monster

Breeding a superb monster may require you to combine two different monsters. No one can hold you to do experiments. The result might be uncertain, but you can certainly sell them if you’re not satisfied. This allows you to take your own path in building a strategy based on your experiments. In fact, once you become a professional breeder, you’re a Monster Legends master.

6.Manage Your Inventory

Even though managing offensive and defensive skills is truly important, your inventory shouldn’t be abandoned as well. Items in your inventory can surprisingly contribute in handling some conditions and be eligible to support you all the way through the adventure.

In fact, it’s pretty basic to know the function and effects of each item in the inventory so you can effectively and tactically use it. It includes healing, attack, or defense abilities which may determine the winning or losing on the edge of competition.

7.Sharing and Inviting to Gain Wealth

Gold and gems are in-game currency used to trade perks and collectibles. Monster Legends allows you to gain gold and gems through several ways. Basically, winning a battle provides you gold and gems. However, when it gets to slow you can simply buy currency with your real money.

Sharing your Monster Legends updates through Facebook is perhaps the simplest way you can gain gold and gems. The system will regularly prompt you after you shared a status, you’ll be rewarded with gold and gems.

Inviting your friend list to play Monster Legends allows you to gain more gems and gold. However, you need to purchase a Recruitment Tavern which cost you 500 gold to start inviting. This Tavern is where your game account is linked to your Facebook account so then you can invite others to play Monster Legends. Being wealthy, you can do most things.

There are still many other tricks you can use to survive in Monster Legends universe. The game is obviously enjoyable but you may find it more fun if you can complete the goals and tasks. It’s also enjoyable when you can breed your own monsters, train them to equip and upgrade them, and then battle them> Managing your team to deal with triumph is nevertheless is an eligible experience. Learning each detail of items and monster is satisfying while it leaves you with your imagination to breed them.


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