How to take care of your dog during the Bonfire Night fireworks



As Bonfire Night approaches, Brits can expect to hear fireworks blast throughout the evening as the sky is lit up with colorful displays.

But many dog ​​owners dread this time of year, as loud noises and bursts of fireworks can leave their pets terrified.

This has led many animal lovers to call for a total ban on fireworks, and Sainsburys even stopped selling fireworks.

Despite this, November 5th is still marked by big shows across the UK, and dog owners will need to prepare their puppies for the event.

Here are some of the ways you can help your dog cope with Bonfire Night:

Dogs Trust recommends taking your dog for his last walk of the day before dark

Before the fireworks

Dogs Trust recommends take your dog for his last walk of the day before it gets dark, so there’s less chance of fireworks going off and scaring him when they explore outside. A nice and long walk will also allow them to be quieter in the evening.

It’s also a good idea to try feeding them earlier in the evening, as once the fireworks start they might get too eager to eat. Consider adjusting their meal schedule a bit so they can have their last bowl of the day before it gets dark.

If you are concerned about your puppy, it is worth researching fireworks in your area and asking your neighbors if they have any displays planned in the back garden, so you can prepare for those times of the day. evening where there might be noise.

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This may be the first time your pup has experienced fireworks, in which case you may be able to help him prepare by playing similar noises to him in the weeks leading up to Bonfire Night. The Kennel Club has a playlist of fireworks sounds they suggest playing your dog quietly for a few minutes at a time, which might help him feel more relaxed when he hears the real thing.

If you know your dog is especially scared of fireworks, talk to your vet to find out how they might help you. Some pet owners use plug-in diffusers or sprays that release soothing pheromones. They might also recommend something longer term to help your pet cope better next year, like behavior therapy, which can help them cope better with loud noises.

When the fireworks start, keep your dog indoors as much as possible - and make sure all of your gates and gardens are secure.
When the fireworks start, keep your dog indoors as much as possible – and make sure all of your gates and gardens are secure.

During the fireworks

When the fireworks start, keep your dog indoors as much as possible – and make sure all of your gates and gardens are secure. Pets are more likely to try to run away if they are frightened or frightened. Battersea Dogs and Cats House also recommends make sure your pet is microchipped and their microchip details are up to date, just in case they manage to escape.

It’s best not to plan outings if you know your puppy isn’t a fan of fireworks, so you can stay with him and provide comfort. Dogs can usually pick up on our emotions and know when something is wrong, so spending your evening as you normally would and staying cheerful and upbeat is the best way to keep your pet calm.

Fill up with water throughout the evening, as dogs may be inclined to drink more if they feel uncomfortable. You may want to put down puppy notebooks or journals in case they are too scared to go outside to do their business.

You can close your windows and draw your curtains or blinds so that your dog is not surprised by sudden flashes of light. When it comes to loud bangs, it’s a good idea to put a TV, soothing music, or other background noises around the house to mask out sounds coming from outside.

Try to distract your dog from the fireworks by providing entertainment to keep him occupied, such as perfecting his training or playing with his favorite toys. You might want to jump into a new puzzle toy with some treats hidden inside, which can keep your puppy busy for hours.

However, not all dogs will want to go out and play, so it is good to provide a safe space where your pet can go and hide if they wish. Animals and friends recommends putting things that will be familiar to your dog in this area, such as his usual bed and his favorite blanket or toy. Arrange the space in a quiet area of ​​the house, away from noise and lights. You may want to create a den type with blankets and cushions to make it even more comfortable and soundproof. This will be the perfect place for your dog to hide if he is feeling stressed.

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