Local pet food delivery service empowers employees with disabilities



Buddies Pet Food Delivery was inspired by co-owner Mark Kelsey’s son, Alec, who has a disability. Kelsey says: “Employment opportunities for a person with a developmental disability should generally be hired as part of a work program that contracts with companies that require piece work, for example assembly services. , packing, cleaning or other low-paid and undesirable jobs ”.

The family’s original business was a screen printing company, Warrior Graphics, LLC, “with the goal of transforming the way people with intellectual disabilities are involved in the workplace,” says Kelsey. Alec’s favorite aspect of his job was delivery to clients. With the same mission plan, Buddies Pet Food Delivery was created.

Buddies Pet Food, LLC is a pet food home delivery company that delivers branded pet food within one to 48 hours to your door, or location or as directed. Each Buddies pet food delivery truck has a two-person team that includes a person with a developmental disability in partnership with a neurotypical person. “We not only improve the productivity and quality of life of our friends with intellectual disabilities, but we also have a profound impact on our delivery partners, suppliers and customers,” says Kelsey.

Buddies also set up the first “dog food truck” with fresh water taps and chilled treats. If you are interested in Buddies’ services, go online for a personalized quote.

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