Mars Pet Nutrition adds new plastic reductions across Europe


Redesigning its Sheba, Whiskas, Perfect Fit and Catsan brands has saved, according to Mars, 480 tons of plastic a year. Plastic wrappers on Shepa and Perfect Fit mini pouches have been replaced with paper sleeves, while plastic Whiskas dry food bags have been replaced with cardboard boxes.

In France, Mars has removed “unnecessary plastic layers” from secondary packaging for its Catsan brand. All of these moves are in addition to the 170 tonnes of plastic removed from Mars Pet Nutrition packaging in Europe in 2021.

Mars Pet Nutrition has partnered with Carrefour in France to test bulk sales. Consumers receive reusable or single-use containers for back-to-back refills of pet foods, such as Perfect Fit dry cat food, Catisfactions care and treats, and Whiskas. The trial takes place at the Carrefour Montesson hypermarket.

Deri Watkins, Regional President of Mars Pet Nutrition Europe, said, “Packaging waste is a global problem and does not align with Mars’ vision of a world where the planet is healthy. That’s why we continue to take action to support a circular economy, for a world where packaging materials don’t become waste, but are ultimately reused, recycled or composted. Going forward, we will continue to transform our business in ways that protect our environment and care for people and pets by engaging with our business partners and using our influence to drive change at scale.

Helen Warren-Piper, Chief Growth Officer at Mars Pet Nutrition Europe, said: “Our packaging transformation journey is about doing what’s right for the pet parents we serve, the pets we love and the planet. that we all share. We’re excited to provide innovative and sustainable options for pet owners who are not only looking for delicious, high-quality pet food, but are also looking for ways to reduce their impact on the environment. Thanks to the initiatives we are rolling out across Europe, we are happy to be part of this equation.

Graeme Smith, Director of Sustainable Packaging for Mars Petcare, said: “As part of our Sustainable in a Generation plan, we have implemented a science-based, data-driven strategy to reinvent and redesign our packaging, in line with the principles of sustainability. circular economy. As we work to evolve our product packaging, we are also leading several progressive waste management partnerships through investment and industry collaboration. We’re proud to partner with Carrefour in France because buying in bulk means using less packaging while helping consumers make sustainable choices.

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