Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut Champagne: The Ultimate Bottle Guide


The second most popular wine brand in the world is another Champagne, Moët’s sister brand, Veuve Clicquot (via Brand Finance). Both selections are part of parent company LVMH, as are Dom Pérignon and Krug Champagne. L’Impérial by Moët and Yellow Label by Veuve Clicquot are the House’s two most accessible selections.

Each is a non-vintage, brut-style champagne, combining reserve wines and current vintages. For Moët, the blend includes more than 100 wines; for the Label Jaune, the blend is made up of 50 to 60 selections, dominated by the fruit of pinot noir. Each year, the yellow label includes at least 50% of the red variety, which gives a fruity and irresistible note to the sparkling wine.

Tasting the two champagnes side by side, Moët’s selection is considerably drier, with a clean, polished liveliness that mingles with opulence. The Yellow Label is rounder and softer in the mouth. It is reminiscent of the taste of Etoile Blanche by Moët, with aromas of candied fruit and a satin finish.

Both selections are delicious but different. If you prefer fresh and refined champagne, the Imperial is for you. The style is also perfect for pairing, especially with anything fried or creamy, as the acidity will cut through the richness. If you prefer a fruity sparkling, the Veuve is for you.

Veuve will cost you a few dollars more than the Moët, with an average price of $67 (via Wine-Searcher).

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