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Monster Legends becomes the popular monster game available in Google Play Store. You can collect, train, and battle with your monsters with wonderful perks and features. Here in the Monster Legends, you can take your own monsters on a search through the wonderful virtual world. You’re also allowed to breed new kinds of monsters consist of various elements, you experiment can be a precious experience as you get a new rare species which makes your monsters more valuable than usual. All these experiences are what Monster Legends can offer.

The adventure in Monster Legends is very exciting as you can collect more than 500 monsters, combine them, and take them with you on the quest. As the game begins, you’ll be on a hatchery, a farm, and a breeding mountain. As you’re in progress, you can certainly purchase more buildings and perks to support your quest. To gain more benefits from your building, you’ll have to upgrade them using your gems and golds which are the official in-game currency.


You’re able to test your skills against other players online as you’ve reached level 10

At this point, you can team up with other players or simply your friends and build an alliance.  Otherwise, you can battle your monster out in the multiplayer mode to prove your tremendous monster breeds. The battle in Monster Legends is very interactive where you can monitor your monsters while they’re executing movements you’ve selected. You won’t find any boring text trying to explain everything to you, there will be pictures instead. The interactive interface allows you to enjoy all the excitements which are absent in most monster gaming. While other games may generate bored and tiring experience, the monster legends allow you to gain refreshments.

The most popular features and eligibles of Monster Legends are where you can freely combine various monsters and breed your own monster. This feature is supported by 500 monsters available in the collection. They’re all eligible and wonderful, use your fantasy and imagination in combining various types of monsters. The combination is one of the eligible experiences which drive people to spend more time on playing the game.

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Monster Legends applies the gem system, you need to have a certain amount for upgrading and continue any progress

Monster Legends is an in-app purchase game that you can optionally purchase the currency or perks to gain premium features or eligibles. If you’re a person who loves one-off payment, you may feel some discomforts. However, Monster Legends is certainly a wonderful yet entertaining game, it’s certainly worth to try. You can gain your own gems and golds by exploring the game any further, even though it will take more times, you’ll gain the whole experience through it. Purchasing gems or golds are optional where you can activate some perks and eligible quicker. Download and install Monster Legends from Google Play Store to your smartphone and tablets, enjoy your hunt.

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