Monster Legends: How to Win the Battle

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Two major activities in the Monster legends universe are breeding and battling with no story involved. Breeding is where you can combine two different monster to get a brand new breed which may be more powerful. Rewards are the common things you gain from recruiting new players, winning a battle, and so forth. Monster Legends is actually addictive.

The gameplay is actually similar to the Dragon City but Monster Legends requires more details to do. You will need a proper strategy to win battles and breed new monsters. You can access the battles from Adventure Map where you can fight against deadly monsters. Once you defeat them, you’ll earn gold, gems, and XP for your leveling. However, a proper strategy should be applied if you want to win the battle most the time.

1.Considering the Elements

There are nine elements of the monster in Monster Legends including Water, Fire, Earth, Nature, Thunder, Light, Dark, Magic, and Legendary element. One element may be stronger or weaker against the others. For instance, water element is harmful to the fire element. If you find that your opponent is fire element then set your monster team with water elements.

2.Setting Your Team

You need to deliver a right set of monster after you’ve identified your opponent. What you have to do is change the default by tapping “Change” button. Choose a monster with the element which stronger than your opponents. Take your time in setting your team, your wisdom and knowledge of each element details will play a key role. Once your team is ready, then you can simply tap the “Fight’ button and start the battle.

3.Choose Monster with Specific Skills

Certain monsters have specific skills which may create damage, perform defense skill, and heal the monsters. Tap the “habitat” and then tap the monster icon to access the information about the abilities. You can certainly unlock the abilities if you find out that they are crucial to your battle.

4.Gain Advantage from Multiple Damage

Several monsters are able to damage one opponent’s monster in one turn while the others are able to damage multiple monsters. The last one may require a longer cooling down which you may have to use the first one for your next turn. In such case, you can set your team based on these two types skills. Even though you have many monsters with multiple damage skills, you shouldn’t put them all as default. It may generate a multiple cooling down where you may miss your turn. The scenario can get worst as your enemy has powerful offense abilities, you’re losing the battle.  

These are the basic strategies to specifically win the monster battle in Mobile Legends. Another determining aspect is, of course, the breeding itself.

By knowing these strategies, you’re able to gain a more enjoyable experience in Monster Legends.

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