Oprah’s 2021 favorite things list revealed for the holiday season


The holiday season just started and Oprah winfrey has already spoken.

The 67-year-old media mogul’s digital magazine released its annual gift guide “Oprah’s Favorite Things“for 2021, which feature commercial products that would have received Winfrey’s seal of approval.

This year’s list is spread over 10 purchases categories including style, cozy, home, cooking, beauty, tech, pet food, kids and books and writing. Some of Winfrey’s gift recommendations are from recognizable celebrity brands, while others are from small, minority-owned businesses.

“After the year has passed, I think we all deserve some surprises and holiday treats,” Winfrey wrote at the top of her list.

FILE – Oprah Winfrey speaks during the Oprah’s Vision 2020: Your Life in Focus tour presented by WW.

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A total of 110 products landed on Oprah’s Favorite Things list this year. Here is a sample of what she recommends.

Favorite things of Oprah 2021

Best elegant gift

The first item listed in Winfrey’s stylish gifts section is the Dare to Roam Prodigy Backpack, which is a line of durable bags started by singer and songwriter Ciara. The antimicrobial and water resistant backpacks were launched this summer.

Best Cozy Gift

Another celebrity brand is running Winfrey’s cozy gifts section, and this time it’s that of Jessica Alba Honest baby clothes. The brand’s organic cotton pajamas family plaid set is an Oprah-approved gift for Christmas morning.

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Best gift for home

Touchless sunscreen application company Snappy Screen is Winfrey’s top pick in the home gifts section. Instead of the brand’s biggest sunscreen tool, Winfrey recommends the Clean hands device, which applies hand sanitizer with motion-sensing mist.

Best Kitchen Gift

The first kitchen gift on Winfrey’s list is the Material Kitchen Knife Holder and Trio. The knives are made of Japanese steel and can be stored in a magnetic wooden holder.

Best Beauty Gift

Nail polish is the perfect gift for Winfrey’s beauty section. The talk show host especially likes the Mischo Beauty Nail Lacquer gift set, which includes a variety of best-selling neutral and pastel shades.

High tech gift

In the tech space, Winfrey’s first choice is an Aura photo frame, a smart photo preservation tool. The brand’s Carver Luxe smart photo frame is Winfrey’s “favorite” because it allows users to create interactive slideshow galleries with a single frame.

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Best pet gift

Winfrey wants you and your beloved pet to stay hydrated, which is why she recommends the Bindle Puppy Pack. The three-piece set includes Bindle’s iconic hidden-bottom water bottle, a protective bottle case, and a pop-up water bowl for your thirsty four-legged friend.

Best Food Gift

The first item to kick off Winfrey’s food giveaways section is the Kinship ceramic salt cellar, a storage solution created by chef Eric Ziebold – who cooks at Kinship restaurant in Washington, DC The contemporary French restaurant has been awarded a Michelin star, and you can get a taste of that magic when you store your fleur de sel in the brand’s perfected salt shaker.

Best gift for kids

For kids, Winfrey’s first choice are the Cinnamon Annie dolls from StepStitches. According to Winfrey, these “comfy” toys are perfect for kids who like to play with vintage-style rag dolls.

Best Writing Books and Gifts

Winfrey’s books and writing giveaways section included three giveaways, but only one was not written by the TV star. Her unaffiliated giveaway choice is the Compendium Life Notes Kit, a themed box full of inspirational notes and writing prompts where parents can share the dreams they have for their children.

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