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Pantry pests can invade food storage spaces and wreak havoc. Many of these pests enjoy cereal-based products. Here are the common insects seen in pantries:

* Book Fonts (Psocids) —Found in cereals and stored grains.

* Carpet Beetles — Found in grains, flour and baking mixes.

* Cigarette beetles — Found in dried herbs, spices, grains, flour, dried fruits, seeds, dried dishes and meats.

* Clothing moths — Found in some drinks.

* Drugstore Beetle — Found in pet foods, seeds, flours, mixtures and spices, it is said to “eat it except cast iron!”

* Flour Beetle — Any grain product, flour, kernel or cereal.

* Indian flour moth — Found in grains, stored grains, dried fruits, chocolate and nuts.

* Sawtooth beetle — Found in plant foods, grain products, nuts, candies, powdered milk, and dried fruits.

Keeping storage areas clean and dry is the first line of defense against pests that invade your food. Periodically clean storage areas to remove spilled food and damaged packaging. A vacuum cleaner can easily remove spills from cracks and crevices. Eliminate hiding places by sealing cracks and crevices with putty or caulk.

If packages are damaged, inspect for bugs or damage. If the food is still good, repackage it in a sturdy, airtight container. Process flours, cake mixes and spices cold at 0 ° F for 3 to 7 days, making sure the cold penetrates the materials. Heat treat beans, nuts and whole grains by spreading them out in a shallow dish and placing them in a 150 ° F oven for 15 to 20 minutes.

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