Popular MTV Host “Catfish” Spotted in Bay City…Why?

Someone is about to get arrested! Or maybe not, but residents of a Michigan town are wondering why the host of the popular MTV show Catfish hang around town.

Nev Schulman, MTV reality show host Catfish was spotted in Bay City recently. As you may know, the show follows the journey of couples who struck up a relationship online but never met in person. Sometimes the first meeting ends up being less than special when someone learns the truth about the person they’ve been chatting with. Huge reality check.

With the concept and end result of each episode so intense, Bay City residents are probably wondering “What the hell is that?”. So far, only Schulman without a camera crew has been spotted.

Schulman posted about his two Facebook and instagram to be in Bay City. Some locals even got to snap a photo or two with the MTV host at different locations around town.

It seems wherever he was, he was more than friendly and willing to pose for pictures, but kept his lips tight as to why he was in town. The staff at Bar-grill of the old town hall were able to take some fun shots with the reality show host.

Facebook: Old Town Hall

Facebook: Old Town Hall

This wasn’t Schulman’s first trip to Mid-Michigan. Catfish filmed in Saginaw in the fall of 2016, with the episode titled “Alante and Nevaeh” centering on Alante Shelby, a 26-year-old Saginaw resident. This episode aired in March 2017.

So, now the real question is… who gets catfished? Stay tuned.

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