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There are so many fun activities to do with your pet this time of year, from fall hikes to celebrating the holidays together. But as you prepare for the changing seasons, one thing that doesn’t change is the risk fleas and ticks pose to pet health.

Renowned veterinarian and pet advocate Dr. Lisa Lippman explains how to prepare your pet for seasonal adventures, including the importance of year-round flea and tick protection, even when the weather is bad. cools down.

Q: With the temperature changes in fall and winter, how can we ensure our pets stay protected and happy?

A: During the fall and winter season, I always love going for nature walks with my Rhodesian Ridgeback, Chloe, and spending time outdoors. However, during these colder months, it is important that we take the extra time to prepare. I always make sure Chloe has her Seresto® collar on to keep out any parasites during our adventures, and is armed with all the necessary outerwear to keep out the cold. Make sure you know your pet’s tolerance and limits to cold. Some breeds have a lower cold tolerance than others, and don’t forget a sweater or coat if they are short-haired or of a smaller breed as less fur means less insulation against cold.

Q: Many pet owners might think that after the first frost of winter our pets are safe from fleas and ticks, but is that true?

A: This may surprise, but it is not true! Several species of ticks, including those that cause Lyme disease, can remain active through the fall and winter months.

Likewise with fleas, while they take advantage of the warmer months, if they have a food source (your pet) they will happily survive all year round. Additionally, their complex life cycle (hatching, larva, pupa, adult and on and on) means that ongoing control measures are essential.

A pre-holiday flea infestation would be detrimental to pets and their families as it is costly and can take months to eradicate. According to Home Advisor, extermination costs an average of $270, depending on the level of flea infestation, location and size of home.

I find Seresto® collars work well for busy pet owners because of its ease of application, the reassurance that comes from eight continuous months of long-lasting protection, and because it’s affordable and widely available in veterinary clinics or mass retailers.

Q: If my pet spends mostly time indoors and in our yard, do I still need to worry about fleas and ticks?

A: Fleas and ticks are found in many environments, from shady wooded areas to the most urban landscapes and backyards, and their range is expanding due to climate change, wildlife distribution and other factors. This is of great concern as a pet owner who enjoys city parks or country trails, as ticks are present and their bites are difficult to detect on our furry and busy pets.

When it comes to fleas, dogs and cats are very susceptible no matter where they live or spend their time, indoors or outdoors. The unique benefit of the Seresto® collar is that it works by killing and repelling fleas and ticks on contact, so they don’t have to bite to die.

Q: Many of us might consider these pests a mere nuisance. However, can they be more dangerous than we think?

A: Fleas and ticks are certainly annoying, but they are also vectors of dangerous diseases. The incidence of flea and tick-borne diseases is increasing, potentially leading to illness and even death in pets, as well as humans. If you live in a high-risk area like the Northeast and Upper Midwest regions, it’s important to take steps to protect yourself and your pet.

Q: What is the best way to protect your pet against fleas and ticks as the fall and winter season approaches?

A: The best flea and tick preventative is the one you use regularly and correctly! On average, dog owners using monthly preventative products administer only four out of 12 doses per year, which can put the animal’s health at risk. As a veterinarian and pet owner, I consistently recommend Seresto® to my patients. I feel so comfortable knowing that I am recommending a product that provides eight continuous months of flea and tick protection. I use Seresto® for Chloe because it’s effective and convenient, with a non-greasy, odorless flea and tick collar that only takes moments to apply.

Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only, please consult your veterinarian for specific preventative recommendations.

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