Six Powerful User Experiences of Monster Legends

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There were times where we can only imagine that we can play around with our fantasy creatures and battle them. It was an idea, but now you can experience it, not in mary-go-round, or your pc, but right through your handled devices. Monster Legends is available in Play Store, offers you this very experience right from your Android phone. Monster Legends provides a very cool experience of breeding, caring, hunting, and combating with monsters. Speaking of which, the Monster Legends offers more than 500 monsters along with eligibles and perks.

Minimum Requirements

Monster Legends is developed by Socialpoint. The company has put their big concern on this game as you can find continuous updates on monsters and perks.  The Mobile Legends can optimally run in high RAM and is only compatible with Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 at the minimum.

User Experience

  • The user interface is simple and friendly, it’s easy to learn. At the initial use, you can log in with your Facebook linkage. Once you’ve finished your account, then you can enjoy the game for real. You’ll be initially equipped with an egg and some eligibles. What you can do next is building your own town using the available resources.
  • The monsters are divided into elements like water, fire and so forth. You can collect the golds and use them as the primary resource in building your assets and feed your own monsters.
  • You’ll have to wait until your monsters reaching a certain level so they’re eligible for joining the battle with other creatures. The battle will involve various monster communities or alliances.The battle is clashing the monsters in a versus turning format. You can strike whenever it’s your turn if you opponents lose their lives before you, then you’re the winner.
  • As Monster Legends allows you to team up with other players, there will be more than two monsters are involved in the battle. It allows you to use three of your monsters in a single battle, the same goes for your opponents. You can fight anyone in  Monster Legends’ virtual world.
  • The battle will test and measure the skills and power of your monsters. The battles become the catalyst of how you breed and train your monsters. Once you lose the battle, you should evaluate your monsters, then upgrade them with perks the other combinations.
  • With more than 500 types of monster, you can combine and breed your own monster and create the unique and rare breed. This activity is actually valuable, as you can have a personal experience in hunting and battle in the virtual environment of Monster Legends.

Download Monster Legends on Play Store

Monster Legends is an in-app purchase game which can be freely downloaded from the Play Store. You can optionally purchase for premium upgrades and perks for your monsters. While manually finishing the activities and collecting the eligibles may require more times. You can consider spending some penny to purchase diamonds or golds. Otherwise, you can enjoy the whole progress.

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