Team Building for Beginners

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Building team is actually what Monster Legends all about. A team which consists of monsters you’re breeding is what you play against the AI opponents or human-player opponents. Monster Legends allows you determine what monster lined up for a battle against a specific opponent. Your wisdom and soft-skill in building a team determine how you’ll go on Monster Legends. There will be Team Wars and Team Races which require to build up a strong team for participating.

However, building a team itself may be a dedicated challenge in Monster Legends. Building a monster team in Monster Legends will involve several factors including your level and opponents. The key to playing Monster Legends is collaborative action through elements and aspects. Once you get there, any goals can be reached.

Here, how you can start building a team:

Setting Your Team

Building a team is not only important for advanced levels. In fact, building a structured team in earlier stages allows you to have a clearer path as battles still require you to send a right line up of monsters. You’re allowed pre-setting the monster line up before the battle begins. Mobile Legends allows you to build up a strategy considering your opponents’ specification. Make sure that you send only the right set of monsters to the battle triumphant.  

It means there is no fixed line up, as each of set may be only effective on certain opponents and take no effects on others. This is the basic step to take in building a team in monster legend. In fact, this rule is still applied to players with an advanced level.

Game Elements

It’s not only about knowing the description but a comprehensive knowledge about each element and how you can use it against specific monster collaboratively. In fact, if you want to arrange a strategy, this knowledge is more crucial. You don’t shot with a knife, do you?

Adventure Map

Building a team is also based on your progress on the Adventure Map where you can learn how to manage each combination when your monster team fight against various opponents. As the line up of your team is on your control, take every chance to fight opponents with a higher level.

Special Skills

Each monster you breed has special skills which provide various abilities to deal with your opponent. You need to learn about how those special skills take effect on the opponent’s monsters and when you can use it at the edge of the battle. It’s very important to know it as they might provide you different abilities both in defense and offense. Some of them even allow you to have in-turn healing ability which may differ in speed, stamina cost, and effects.

At this point, healing skills offer an eligible ability beside offense and defense especially when you’re in battle. It increases your chance to win a harder and longer battle as you can recover the monster in your team. Remember, winning a battle means more XP to earn while losing may cost you more.

This information is not a secret, this can be accessed through the profile tab of each monster. This is a crucial step as once you’re arranging a team to fight, you’ll need to thoroughly consider these special skills how they would help you deal with certain skills possessed by the opponents.


There are items which can be purchased with gems and gold. Before starting a battle, ensure that you’ve equipped your monster with eligible items that support the skills and abilities. Skills are actually important but it can stand alone especially when you’re going to challenge advanced level players. Building a team means ready for any circumstances, the eligible items are available to purchase.

There are items linearly adjusting your level of taking effects and providing abilities. You can buy them from the Monster Legends Shop using your gems and gold. The good news is that you have unlimited time to prepare any strategy before going on a battle. This allows you to carefully choose which items need to be purchased based on the specific opponent or challenge and your existing gems and gold. Well-equipped teams will have a greater chance to win the loot.

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