The Best Pet Food Subscriptions That Are Nutritious and Delicious to Buy in Australia


What are the different types of pet food available?

There are five main types of pet food available in Australia. Two of them are considered highly processed and three as minimally processed.

“Dry kibble and canned foods are considered ultra-processed, while lightly cooked, raw, and freeze-dried/air-dried foods are considered minimally processed,” says Dr. Muir.

Dry pet food

Dry pet food is usually found in the form of kibble. Kibble is popular among pet owners because it is a convenient and economical pet food option. However, most kibble is ultra-processed, with the ingredients being prepared at higher temperatures, which makes the end product less nutritious than it could have been.

“Ultra-processed foods typically contain high levels of carbohydrates,” says Dr. Muir, “dogs have no need for carbohydrates, so many refer to this type of diet as biologically inappropriate.”

canned pet food

Another convenient pet food option for owners, but comes at the cost of being highly processed.

Lightly cooked pet food

Lightly cooked pet food occurs when food is heated enough to kill pathogens often found in raw ingredients (i.e. salmonella and e-coli), while preserving value nutrition of the ingredients. It is a minimally processed pet food option.

Raw pet food

Raw pet foods mostly come in the form of raw meat, edible bones, organ meats, and vegetables that are safe for dogs. It is untreated and easily accessible.

Frozen or air-dried pet food

Freeze-dried or air-dried pet food is raw pet food that has gone through the process of drying to preserve the nutrients found in raw food. The end result is a highly nutritious, minimally processed, shelf-stable product for your pet.



What are the benefits of feeding your pet minimally processed foods?

“The Scientific Benefits of Eating Minimally Processed, Low-Carb Diets [to your pet] include: a more diverse population of good gut bacteria, less risk of mold toxicity from food, less risk of obesity, and reduced risk of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD),” says Muir.



The best pet food subscriptions available in Australia

With different pet food options available and with your pet a balanced diet in mind, we’ve rounded up the best pet food subscriptions that will have your tail waggling for more.

For price comparison purposes, we’ve used Gimli as the generic dog size throughout this roundup. Gimli is a two-year-old toy cavoodle, weighing 8 kg and quite active (1-2 hours of walking/playing per day).

1. Perfect Bowl Meal Plan, $6.76 per day, Perfect Bowl

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Designed with palatability in mind, you’ll find your dog (who is usually a picky eater) muzzle deep in the perfect bowl.

Perfect Bowl’s recipes were developed by their in-house animal nutritionist – incorporating the latest developments in veterinary nutrition – and are AAFCO Complete and Balanced.

The current range is made using a gentle cooking process using locally sourced human-grade meat, poultry and vegetables, as well as superfoods such as omega-3 oil, kelp powder, rosemary and turmeric – no nasty preservatives or fillers.

2. Dog food subscription (dry and raw), from $82 per 8 kg, Petzyo

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Choose from Petzyo’s selection of grain-free, raw, dry dog ​​food packed with superfoods and made with 100% natural ingredients. His Kibbles that matter The range comes in three flavors – Chicken & Turkey, Salmon & Sea Fish, Kangaroo & Sweet Potato – is made in small batches, meaning it’s fresh when delivered to your door!

Fantastic experience. Easy ordering, great communication, and Doggo’s coat is now beautiful and soft,” notes a five-star reviewer.

by Petzyo line of raw dog food includes chicken, beef, and kangaroo, with each flavor designed to suit different dogs and their needs.

3. Subscription to fresh dog food and treats, approx. $5.35 per 250g, Lyka

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With rave reviews, Lyka is one of Australia’s most popular dog food subscription services – and for good reason. With five different recipes formulated by their in-house veterinarian, Dr. Muir, lightly cooked to preserve vital nutrients, each bite is packed with whole food goodness.

With plenty of options ranging from turkey, lamb, kangaroo, beef, chicken to fish, your pup will be licking their bowl clean in no time.

“It pays to do your research and opt for a complete dog food, with a meal plan-based offering like Lyka’s, where the meals provided are not only balanced and include the necessary nutrients, but are tailored to the specific attributes and health needs of each individual dog,” says Dr. Muir.

“Buddy’s improvement was huge after just a month on Lyka. No more itching. His coat became smooth, soft and shiny. It’s the best thing for him,” says reviewer and dog owner, Ana.

4. Mix and Match Dog Food, $3.41 a Day, Bezzie

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If your pup currently only eats dry food and you want to introduce raw foods into his diet, the Bezzie Mix and Match Dog Food Subscription is worth considering. Choose beef, chicken or a combination of the two for raw foods, and supplement with dry foods – choosing from bites from turkey and lamb, fish or chicken and duck. Plus, all of Bezzie’s ingredients are sustainably sourced, premium, and human-grade.

5. Croquettes and treats subscription for dogs, from $79 for 8kg, Scratch

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Designed with flexibility in mind, you can pause, adjust, fast forward, change shipping address and more in your Scratch subscription. Simply fill in a few details about your dog and the team will come up with a personalized plan filled with sustainably sourced lean meat, whole Australian vegetables, healthy oils and lots of fibre. Your pup will scratch for more!

“My German Shepherd pup loves the kangaroo packs. Steady growth every week, poo has been good too. Their customer service is amazing. Prompt response to all my inquiries, very satisfied,” comments a five-star reviewer.

6. Raw cat or dog food subscription, from $3.35/250g, Raw & Fresh

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Raw and Fresh is passionate about giving your dog or cat the best (and healthiest) life. So they’ve come up with a perfectly balanced raw diet, no matter what your dog or cat’s special dietary requirements may be. Subscription meal plans are customizable and are prepared (and delivered) fresh, not frozen. Your pet will be spoiled with fresh produce, straight from the farm.

seven. Pet House Auto Delivery Service

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If you want to choose specific brands of pet food to deliver right to your door quickly, then Pet House has you covered. Pet House is not only one of Australia’s largest online pet food stores, they also offer a auto delivery service so your pet’s food and supplies can be delivered to you, without you even having to lift a finger. Each recurring order allows you to save more, and the Auto-delivery service makes the chore of shopping for pet food super convenient. Perfect for dog owners on the go.

How important is a balanced diet for your pet?

In short: it is of crucial importance. Dogs and cats have high protein, omega fatty acid, vitamin and mineral needs.

“The biology is complex and amazing, with specific nutrients all playing a role in keeping the body healthy and delaying aging,” says Dr. Muir.

“It is essential to ensure that your pet’s nutritional plan is based on providing all the necessary nutrients in a bioavailable form and in the appropriate ratios to each other – for example, the omega-6 ratio : omega-3 and the zinc:copper ratio.If they are not in balance with each other, it can affect what these nutrients do in the body – in particular the food’s ability to be inflammatory and to damage the liver.”

Pet foods must be designed by experts (such as Board-certified veterinary nutritionists) and meet or exceed the requirements set by AAFCO and or FEDIAF (pet food regulatory bodies).

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