The Best Types of Plastic for Food Storage


Packaging containing liquids is often made of polycarbonate, depending on Custom-Pak, which lists water cooler bottles, baby bottles, and reusable water containers as PC apps. In recent years, one aspect of PC has come under intense scrutiny: bisphenol A or BPA. According to FDA, PDA can be found in polycarbonate resin; however, he says his studies have shown that most consumers only ingest a small amount of BPA. What is ingested does not accumulate in a person’s body and therefore the FDA says there is no known health risk at such a low level.

According to Mayo Clinic, some studies have shown that BPA can be found in food or beverages that have been stored in containers containing BPA, which is of concern because exposure to this product could have negative health effects. According to some, BPA can affect the brain and prostate of fetuses, infants and children, as well as the behavior of children. Blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease have also been linked to BPA ingestion, according to the Mayo Clinic. Despite these concerns, the FDA has approved PC for food packaging and created a list of approved polycarbonate sheets that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as hospital trays and water bottles.

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