The Linwood, NJ graduate will serve as chief of staff for Sen. JD Vance


Here’s a great local interest story about a former resident of Atlantic County, New Jersey, who landed a key position on the biggest stage in the national legislative branch of the US government.

Jacob Reses will serve as Chief of Staff to United States Senator-elect JD Vance when he takes office on January 3, 2023, as a member of the 118th Congress.

Reses graduated in 2009 from Mainland Regional High School, in Linwood, New Jersey, where he was valedictorian.

Reses graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University, majoring in public policy.

In a country of over 350,000,000 people, there are only 100 positions (in the United States Senate) like the one Reses got.

The position of chief of staff to a member of the United States Congress is the highest office in the office of a senator or member of the House of Representatives.

This qualifies as a very big problem.

Reses was appointed to the position on Friday, November 11, 2022.

In the official statement on the appointment of Reses, we can read:

Reses will serve from Washington, DC as Vance’s chief of staff. Reses previously served as Senior Policy Advisor to Senator Josh Hawley, advising on a wide range of legislative issues, including technology, antitrust, trade and economic policy. Reses was previously Director of Strategic Initiatives at Heritage Action for America.

Senator-elect Vance confirmed that he hired Reses because of his “lifetime federal government and political experience.” state and local levels and strong ties to the state of Ohio.

Senator-elect Vance announced this was the first round of nominations, saying “additional nominations will be announced in the coming days.”

We take this opportunity to congratulate Reses on his national caliber appointment and it’s always exciting to see a local rise to the highest level of their calling.

REMARK: Jacob Reses is the son of longtime local radio marketing representative Karen Reses (retired).

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