The results are in. How Educated Is New York State?

We can argue back and forth about the direction our state is taking. Do our leaders have any idea what they’re really doing when it comes to career opportunities for us? And while that might be a discussion in its own right, do New Yorkers have access to the best education to perhaps make those opportunities a reality? How adequate is New York State’s education system? How does it rank against other states? A press study has gathered the answers and the results might surprise you.

WalletHub conducted the latest study, using eighteen measures that looked at key factors such as educational attainment, school quality, and gender and racial achievement gaps. Compared to many other states, New York State is not that bad. In fact, we ranked 13th overall and 14th for education quality, according to the study.

Some of our neighbors have done even better. Massachusetts was first overall in the nation, according to the results. Connecticut was third. Vermont 5th and New Jersey 6th. Pennsylvania was 30th.

West Virginia earned the dubious distinction of finishing last at 50th.

I guess we are a bit more educated than physically active? the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that most states are physically inactive, which they define as not having participated in any physical activity outside of work in the past month. So how do health officials rank us? According to their findings, 25.9% of adults in New York are considered physically inactive. This puts us 18th nationally for inactivity. Mississippi was the first (or perhaps, last) overall, with 33.2% of adults considered inactive. The South, as a region, reported the highest level of physical inactivity at 27.5%. Colorado was the most active state, with only 17.7% of adults considered inactive by CDC figures.

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