These Engineering Students Developed Smart Wearable Devices to Make Pet Parenting Easier

Classmates and Students of Electronics and Communication at PES University, Bangalore, Vismaya BN, Pallavi G and Prarthana Bhat have been pet parents.

Vismaya, Pallavi and Prarthana – founders of Fond

Having multiple pets can be fun, but there are various challenges while monitoring what they eat and how they exercise. And so the trio began Love, a pet clothing company, as a small college project to care for their own furry friends.

“I have a dog, Ksheera, and a cat named Dora. I could never tell what food the animals ate, as the bowls were swapped and Dora ate Ksheera’s food. As a result, one of them became obese and the other became neglected as his walks became short. I noticed similar issues with my friends, and that’s how the idea for pet clothes came to mind,” says Pallavi.

Fond (Feeding and Network Observation of Dogs) may have started as a small university project but is now a full fledged startup after the founders took it to PVL (PES Venture Labs) to develop the products and received funding of $200,000. PES Venture Labs was established by PES University, while Suresh Narasimha of Co-Create Ventures, an investor, manages the Venture fund and studio.

Smart device ecosystem

Devices – FlufFit and Foodie

Fond is a smart ecosystem of electronic devices that gives pet parents general health and lifestyle information about their pets through the Fond app.

It offers two products – Foodie and FluffFit. Foodie is India’s first smart dry pet food vending machine compatible with almost all products from famous Indian food brands. The FlufFit is a fitness and health tracker for pets. Background FlufFit and Foodie work together as a system to enable remote monitoring of pets.

Vismaya explains, “Foodie is a smart pet food dispenser with a stiff fiber body that resists chewing. The top top container is made of clear acrylic with an acrylic lid and can easily store up to 2 kg of pet food depending on the size of the kibble. The transparent top container allows you easy access to check the food level and refill the container, yet it is sturdy enough not to be knocked over by your pet.

Foodie is compatible with dispensing all varieties of dry food from famous food brands including Pedigree, Royal Canin, Drools, Me-O, Whiskas, Purepet, etc. The food bowl is covered with an automated acrylic lid to ensure that food consumption is limited to the pet wearing the paired FlufFit Bottom, also preventing insect infestation. Foodie must be paired with their corresponding FlufFit using the Fond app to get started.

Background, as an ecosystem, alerts the user to abnormalities and gives meaningful health information to the pet’s parent. The animal’s health record can be a great help during visits to the veterinarian. In short, a pet owner can be assured of their animal’s well-being, even when they are away.

The FlufFit Bottom is a smart pod that sits comfortably on your pet’s collar and records their daily activity and body temperature for the day. The pod is made of strong plastic with a Type-C charging port. The pod once charged works directly for up to 57 hours depending on usage. FlufFit gives the user useful health information and pet alerts through the bottom app. FlufFit can be used alone or in combination with the Foodie Bottom.

“Our product is aimed at passionate pet owners, and we are starting to target urban families in India. This greatly facilitates the pet care process, making life easier for both pets and parents. This would encourage people to give more dogs a home and therefore a better lifestyle. When we humans have such a sophisticated healthcare system, we owe it to the animals to have one too,” says Pallavi.

FluFit is priced at Rs 5,999 while FluFit plus Foodie is priced at Rs 9,999.

Towards a healthy lifestyle for pets

Fond launched its pre-booking products on January 1 this year and operates on a D2C model by selling the garments through this website and other online e-commerce channels.

Globally, while there are key players to compete with in the portable pet space, Pallavi says the feeder is one of a kind.

“While we have competitors, our USPs are essential to the overall well-being of companion animals and they set us apart. We are personalized and dive deep into healthy pet living. It’s hard to talk about growth, because we’ve just launched our products, and we’re very happy to see the response we’re getting. It’s been a great trip so far, because we couldn’t imagine being able to release a product before we even graduated. We would love to see what life has in store for Fond,” she adds.

As Fond was born in the middle of the pandemic, it slowed down the manufacturing process due to supply chain issues and continued blockages.

“Because we have a hardware product, it was difficult for the team to work from home. Sometimes our home became our offices and warehouses and the team would meet there. the pet care industry. We are taking all necessary steps in this direction,” says Pallavi.

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