These Three Beloved Pet Food Brands Are About To Soar In Prices – Eat This, Not That

Despite the economic hardships of the past year, the majority of Americans say we would pay whatever it takes to take care of our pets! Today, new reports suggest that with nationwide shortages of basic necessities as basic as ketchup (yes, really), the cost of pet food may soon rise and prices may not be the worst. problem for some families who love fur.

In February, a small Pennsylvania grocery store said its supply of canned cat food was 80 percent empty. The trend persisted through March, with some pet food industry insiders attributing the harsh winter weather and supply chain issues to shortages of ingredients like grains. This week, Pet Product News reports that popular pet food brands may see prices rise.

The list of pet food brands that may soon get more expensive include Milk-Bone, 9Lives, and Kibbles’ n Bits.

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And that could mean bad news for your wallet if you have a four-legged friend. The US Department of Agriculture said earlier this year that many consumer items could see their cost increase by 3%. This could lead to an increase of about 30 cents on a small bag of 9Lives, which is $ 8.99 today, or push nearly a dollar increase on a 50-pound bag of Kibbles’ n Bits. , which is currently priced at $ 22.98 on

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