Top 5 Bolton Park reviews according to Trip Advisor

As the weather clears up this weekend and everyone enjoys the Easter weekend sunshine, we take a look at the best parks in Bolton and their reviews, according to Trip Advisor.

There’s still time to catch some rays before the weather drops a bit to 13 degrees by Wednesday.

If you’re wondering where to take the kids, plan a picnic, or even just take the dog for a leisurely walk, here’s where you might want to go.

jumble national park

Jumbles Country Park – TripAdvisor

Rated the best in Bolton on Trip Advisor, Jumbles Country Park on Bradshaw Road is wonderful for strolling in spring and summer.

A recent review read: “Have not been in a while and now assuming new owners – great food well priced and very comfortable – well done – this is long overdue and will keep us coming back to Bolton.”

Another reviewer was really impressed with their walk. They said, “I had no idea this local gem existed. Nice 2-3 hour walk, recommended for people who aren’t afraid of dogs (you’ll meet ALL DOGS on this walk).”

Moses Gate National Park

The Bolton News: Moses Gate National ParkMoses Gate National Park

In Farnworth, this park was rated second best park on Trip Advisor, with everyone seeming interested in the number of ducks and the amazing ice cream van.

There will never be enough ducks, will there?

One reviewer said: “Such a beautiful park, amazing things to do, there are ducks, an amusement park and not to mention an Ice Cream Van which is always there without a doubt every time I go. go there.

“Such a lovely ice cream parlor always looking after the kids and even gave extra ice cream as I didn’t have enough change.”

Another review said: ‘Visited several times during lockdown and the kids love feeding the ducks.

“Unfortunately the ice cream van is very expensive for a typical ice cream cone £3.50+.”

So not everyone likes the ice cream van.

Moss bank park

Bolton News: Moss Bank ParkMoss bank park

This is the park to go to if you want to give the youngsters plenty to do.

There’s a miniature railway here that people love, but check the timetables before you go.

One reviewer said: “I visited Moss Bank Park for the first time recently, it’s a great place for kids but also adults. It was really busy but a great atmosphere.

“I’m new to the area and have met lots of lovely people. The kids loved the play area, but I loved walking around the rockery and having a coffee.

Lee Bank Hall Park

Okay, we didn’t expect that to be on the list either. Hall Lee Bank Park is not really an activity type park, but more of a place to enjoy nature and explore.

Perfect for walking the dog and just hanging out.

One review said: “Lovely peaceful walk with my dog ​​today, she’s a rescue dog so she’s not good with other dogs and cats, this walk was fabulous, only us, she enjoyed a paddled through the water and enjoyed all the new smells.

“Great for young children to explore too, lots of paths to choose from.”

Queen’s Park

Bolton News: Queen's ParkQueen’s Park

Although it’s on the list, the reviews don’t quite match it.

Last week we said this was a good park for a Bridgerton style walk, but this park isn’t as welcome as the others.


One reviewer said: ‘Very disappointing, scruffy with rubbish strewn everywhere, overflowing bins and dog poo all over the paths.

“We went to the cafe but decided not to bother as the only free table was to swim with tea/coffee that had leaked onto the seats.”

Still, it’s on the list, so it can’t be THAT bad, can it?

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