Top Destinations in KY’s Biggest Cities

As the days get warmer and longer, I always think of quick weekend getaways. Maybe you are too. What if you had to take a road trip or three through Kentucky? Wouldn’t you like to know the best things to do along the way?

Trip Advisor is the most convenient tool for travelers, with recommendations on the best sights, tourist attractions, accommodation and, of course, food.

So if you find yourself in or near one of Kentucky’s ten most populous cities, you might want to know what Trip Advisor users have determined are the best things to do in each of those cities. . Instead of searching each one, I’ve compiled this handy list for you.

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Louisville (population 615,067)

The most famous baseball bat on the planet is made right here in the Commonwealth. And from everything I’ve gathered – and that includes the quote below – it doesn’t matter if you’re a baseball fan or not; this place is a must.

“I’m not a baseball fanatic, but I still enjoyed the whole experience. My husband was fascinated by the process of making the bats. We actually toured the factory that makes over a million bats baseball bat. You can also get a personalized baseball bat.” Carole P. – Cherry Hill, New Jersey


Lexington (pop. 325,330)

In fact, I hear a lot more praise for Keeneland than for Churchill Downs. And if you’re a fan of thoroughbred racing, you might want to keep the website’s event calendar handy. Not a day goes by that something exciting doesn’t happen at Keeneland.

“It was truly an unforgettable experience for me. I was there on opening day with a general admission ticket, and the weather was pretty bad. Learning that the weather was going to be bad AFTER I bought the GA ticket, I really worried how the experience would be, but it was great. In fact, if I ever go back, I might buy a GA ticket again, just to have the freedom to walk around. I was amazed (and delighted) that tickets were as cheap as they were, and parking was free. I was there before the doors opened and was able to park near the clubhouse. It’s been a VERY long day, but it was worth it. I recommend taking a tour of the facilities before attending the races, preferably in the morning to see the jockeys practice.” Aunt23 – Columbia, SC


Bowling Green (population 76,273)

I can proudly say that I visited the Lost River Cave BEFORE it became a licensed tourist attraction. It was New Years Day 1993. We all had a blast. But you will have an even BETTER time now; we didn’t have a boat at the time.

“This tour is short and sweet. Easy walk, the tour guides are super friendly and fun to talk to, the boat ride is quite unique, and the history of the cave is interesting.” Oakster78 –


Owensboro (population 61,289)

Can you believe that Smothers Park/Lazy Dayz Playground is celebrating its TENTH ANNIVERSARY in 2022? Me niether. And it continues to impress visitors who have never been to Owensboro.

“A great riverside park. With the best playground I’ve ever seen. Had live music at night. Right on the Ohio River.” Tom F – Sylvania, Ohio


Covington (pop. 40,101)

It is simply magnificent. My experience with Covington is as a driver trying to get through the Cincinnati subway as quickly as possible. But now I know I have to stop and take a closer look – more specifically, I have to visit this amazing cathedral.

“I came across the cathedral on Tripadvisor and thought I’d take a photo. Because I’ve had the privilege of being in and visiting cathedrals such as Notre Dame, Washington National Cathedral and many more. others, I thought it would be just as nice. I was very surprised. This cathedral is everything and more. The intricate details, the mass of stained glass, carvings and mosaics. I was amazed. Brenda E – Lexington, Kentucky


pop from Richmond. (37,180)

According to the website, some parts of the park are still closed to visitors. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy camping, boating, a bit of bird watching, and just the great outdoors.

“This place is a great aesthetic place for families, history buffs or nature explorers! With the whole fort intact and the log cabins all lined up, the staff does a great job of showing what life was like during this time while living in this environment. Be sure to visit their gift shop, campground and much more!” Gabrielle Ivanov – Springfield, Missouri


Georgetown (pop. 36,846)

I really enjoyed learning about this place, it’s called “Old Friends at Dream Chase Farm” because it’s a place where you can visit RETIRED thoroughbreds, including Kentucky Derby winner Silver Charm in 1997 and Preakness.

“It was so much fun! We learned a lot about each horse’s earnings and heritage. We got to pet a few and feed others. You almost feel like you’re in the presence of the horse royalty here. visit if you are nearby.” valliam13 – Adairsville, Georgia


Florence (34,174 inhab.)

I know…this one stands out. But honestly, there are very few reviews of any of the places listed on the Florence Trip Advisor entry. So I have to wonder if it’s because this 8th largest city in Kentucky is part of the Cincinnati metro area and residents are just moving out of Florence city limits to entertain more than they stay in L ‘INSIDE the city limits. Either way, it’s a wonderful movie theater. I love it when this industry ups its game.

Google Street View

Google Street View

“It’s a very nice modern cinema with reclining seats and lots of space. The concessions are as good as you’ll find in the theater business. This cinema is always my first choice when I go to the movies. ” Mark B – Florence, Kentucky


Nicholasville (pop. 31,354)

Trip Advisor says Taylor Made Farms is temporarily closed. But when it reopens, it will be back to breeding and selling thoroughbreds. I find it interesting that it tops Nicholasville’s list. They train and board too. Sounds fascinating AND educational.

“Informative and professional tour of a beautiful farm in the heart of horse country. Brock, our guide, did a fantastic job. Up close and personal with well-behaved thoroughbred stallions, mates and yearlings.” Jill – Emmetsburg, Iowa


Elizabethtown (pop. 30,832)

I love classic cars. I can spend hours in a place like this, dreaming of training in every vintage ride I see. And Swope has real beauties.

“Great collection of cars. All were in excellent condition. Really enjoyed looking at and learning the history of each one. Definitely should include this museum whenever you are in the area.” yoimceo- Jacksonville, Florida

Well, if that doesn’t give you some tips and suggestions on fun weekend getaways, I don’t know what will. The best part is all the other things you’ll find to do nearby besides visiting these popular attractions.

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