Two cubs rescued near Glorieta Pass

ESPAÑOLA, NM – Two bear cubs are now in the care of the Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic in Española after the mother bear was hit by a car on I-25 near Glorieta Pass.

New Mexico Game and Fish officials said they received calls about the dead mama bear on Tuesday.

Her cubs were found stranded in a tree, and wildlife experts say the drought is causing the bears to roam in unusual areas.

“We really want to let the public know that bears are on the move and roaming all over the state. And they need to know if you’re recreating or if you live in areas where bears might roam,” said Tristanna Bickford of the New Mexico Department of Fish and Game.

This is the time of year when bears travel, and extreme drought coupled with major wildfires pushes them to more populated areas.

“So most of the time they’re looking for food and water sources,” Bickford said.

Game and Fish officials say you can do your part to protect bears, your family and your neighbors. This means removing and properly storing anything a bear might like to eat.

“So whatever smells good or whatever they can start relying on humans for sources of food and water. So water fountains, bowls for pets, water troughs for our livestock, all of that can attract them,” Bickford said.

Also, make sure your trash is properly stored or in a bear-proof container.

“But we’re asking people to be aware and diligent because there’s a lot we can do as humans to help wildlife stay wild,” Bickford said.

As for the little cubs, game and fish officials say they appear to be in good health and will continue to be cared for at Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic for the time being.

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