Ukrainian pets follow soldiers in battle, others rescued by refugees

Ukrainian soldiers are turning to their dogs, cats and other furry friends for help.

More than three million refugees have fled the county and hundreds of civilians have been reported dead. Two members of the Fox News crew – a 24-year-old reporter and a cameraman – were confirmed killed in the fighting earlier this week.

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry is sharing photos of the soldiers and four-legged friends keeping them company throughout this nearly month-long Russian invasion with no end in sight.

Ukraine’s four-legged friends help soldiers in the fight for freedom

“Our four-legged friends are ready to serve the country 🙏🐶” they wrote in the caption.

In a previous exclusive interview with The Blast, former presidential adviser Igor Novikov called Ukraine’s pet crisis “one of the most heartbreaking aspects” of the whole situation.

He pointed to heartbreaking photos of kyiv train station that have gone viral online. In the photographs, refugees can be seen letting go of their dogs, cats and other animals as they fled their homes to escape invading Russian military forces.

Ukraine’s cats also help soldiers

“Stay human,” they wrote in the caption, which shows a white cat walking alongside a smiling soldier.

“This is an amazing photo. You can feel the love between the soldier and the cat, a brief moment of peace in the chaos,” one user wrote. “A smile and a nod. My thoughts are with the Ukrainians from all over the world. Stay strong. The rest of the world is with you. 🇺🇦💙💛”

“Stay human is your greatest strength. It’s your guide,” another user wrote. “Please feel very supported, every day anew 🙌”

A photo captures a dog terrified by the ongoing bomb explosions

“Animals feel war like humans. This dog was so scared of bomb blasts he literally couldn’t walk 😟,” they wrote.

“It’s just heartbreaking 💔 on the one hand to see the suffering of animals who don’t understand what is happening to them! And on the other hand, so heartwarming ❤️ is the attitude of the Ukrainian people towards animals! one user commented. “I pray that this war is over! Because it’s not fair!! We support you all!!! And I wish he could do more!!!”

“Poor animals don’t understand why this is happening, we have to help Ukraine, give them the planes that close the sky!!!” another wrote.

“Bless the animals and all of Ukraine. Love always wins! 💕,” said another.

Refugees save animals from destroyed cities

“Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was right to write ‘You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.’ 🐕 This is how Ukrainians save their pets’ lives by getting them out of bombed hotspots. Cats and dogs also care about their loved one, that’s for sure! 🐶💔” they wrote in the caption.

The series of photographs show dogs and cats carried by refugees away from destruction. In one photo, a woman in a wheelchair has a dog strapped to the side of her chair.

“Oh my God! Great! You really are amazing people. in the midst of such a difficult time, you don’t lose their tenderness, sensitivity and ability to do good,” wrote one user. “Congratulations . Proud that the world has people with noble hearts.

“They are a comfort in a dark time – Ukrainians, your heart is as big as your courage!” another commented. “You amaze us every day…every day. We’re here for you!”

Igor Novikov explained that there was a shortage of pet food in Ukraine and encouraged individuals around the world to donate.

“That’s one of the things that you, if you want to help us in a humanitarian way, don’t forget about our pets as well,” he said. “I have two dogs and two cats and I made the decision that if I ever had to move, they would move with me, no matter the cost or the problem.”

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